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Spazio Games (Aug 16, 2011)
Edge rimane un platform/puzzle game di grandissima qualità anche su computer. La brillante struttura dei livelli, il gameplay semplice ma immediato ed interessante, e l'elevata rigiocabilità, lo rendono un acquisto obbligato per chi ama il genere. Il prezzo è leggermente superiore a quello dell'app per iPhone, ma comunque abbordabilissimo. Per gli utenti PC sono inoltre previsti nuovi livelli e chicche in futuro, motivo in più per prenderlo in considerazione. Non lasciatevelo scappare.
80 (Sep 18, 2011)
Edge rappresenta uno dei migliori esponenti del moderno mobile gaming ed è stato trasposto con la medesima passione sulla celeberrima piattaforma Steam. Semplice ed intuitivo, è pervaso da un gameplay assuefacente in grado di solleticare il giocatore casual ma anche quello hardcore, che si prodigherà in ore ed ore di tentativi per ottenere la miglior valutazione in ciascun livello. Per soli 7 Euro ci si porta a casa un prodotto realizzato con passione, profondo, competitivo e costantemente supportato dagli sviluppatori: cosa si può chiedere di più da un titolo indie?
Destructoid (Aug 14, 2011)
EDGE is a great pick-up-and-play title; the controls are simple and levels can be completed in a couple of minutes, but the desire to improve my ranking kept me coming back for more.
80 (Oct 11, 2011)
While the levels could be more varied, and the controls could be a little tighter, these things don't stop EDGE from being an addictive and enjoyable puzzle-platformer with a great sense of style. With around 100 levels, it's also great value at £5.49.
75 (Apr 02, 2012)
Porter un jeu smartphones basé uniquement sur un gameplay innovant, voilà un pari risqué mais Two Tribes ne s'en sort pas trop mal avec EDGE. Pour le prix, il y a de quoi se laisser séduire, pour les amateurs de petits jeux addictifs et de concepts novateurs. Malgré ses défauts, EDGE est donc une bonne pioche, que ce soit pour passer une bonne après-midi ou jouer quelques minutes de temps à autre.
Gamereactor (Denmark) (Aug 21, 2011)
Der er dog ingen tvivl om at Edge er et fornøjeligt puzzlespil der gør sit ypperste for at få mest muligt ud af en god og simpel ide, som de fleste vil kunne lære at forstå på ganske kort tid. At det hele er tilsat et lækkert soundtrack med små elektroniske og boblende melodier gør kun det hele hyggeligere. Selv med en pris på kun cirka 55 kroner smager det dog stadig af et mobilspil der gør sig bedre i din lomme end på din potentielt enorme monitor.
GameSpot (Aug 17, 2011)
All of this polygonal action is aesthetically pleasing, thanks to the simple lines and colorful contrast of the visuals. The rainbow colors of prisms and moving platforms stand out nicely against the gray levels, and the ever-shifting hues of your cube are an enjoyable sight. The electronic soundtrack adds a dynamic element to the relatively static levels as it moves from peppy and adventurous to moody and atmospheric, perking things up and staving off sameness. There is a certain repetitiveness to Edge born of its simplicity, but to its credit the game manages to entertain for the few hours it takes to complete all the levels. The novel fun of moving around as a box holds up despite some control awkwardness, and there is a good amount of content here for the asking price. Edge may not herald the coming of a new platforming hero, but it may give you a new appreciation for the powers of a humble cube.
Game Chronicles (Aug 18, 2011)
Overall, EDGE is a solid title if you give it a chance. Don’t expect to play the game in extremely long sessions. Pick it up, and when you can’t figure something out, put it back down. Later, you’ll probably figure out a better way to go about things, and then you can pick it up again. On top of that, it’s only $8, so it doesn’t exactly break the bank. Still, if you aren’t normally a fan of a style of play that involves pushing yourself to your limits and beating your old scores, you may want to consider Two Tribes’ other offerings over this, especially Toki Tori.
Gamekult (Aug 23, 2011)
Les développeurs se sont aussi lâchés côté inventivité dans la conception des niveaux, ceux-ci étant suffisamment variés pour éviter toute monotonie. De plus, le joueur doit souvent consulter la minicarte pour repérer les derniers prismes, les checkpoints étant judicieusement placés pour éviter toute frustration. De plus, si l'habillage visuel est volontairement basique, les musiques réalisées dans un style "8-bit" sont entraînantes et pas (trop) répétitives. Le jeu de base compte pas moins de 48 niveaux auxquels il faut ajouter 10 niveaux bonus et un DLC gratuit ne devrait pas tarder à voir le jour, ce qui assure des dizaines d'heures de jeu pour obtenir la meilleure note possible dans chaque niveau.
Thunderbolt Games (Sep 09, 2011)
It’s difficult to criticise EDGE for being a bad game when it’s simply a well-executed product of frustrating concept. Until the latter stages, it’s a simple albeit handicapped walk through a series of refreshing virtual environments. The puzzles are genuinely taxing from time to time, but these are bogged down by a lack of real control over your cube. However, as an economically-friendly download, these flaws shouldn’t deter those interested from making a purchase. There is a respectable amount of content and it’s rare that a game with genuine artistic merit comes along in the ‘marble puzzle’ genre. For all its problems, at its worst it’s a welcome distraction from Angry Birds and Peggle.