The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard Credits


Project LeaderTodd Howard
Lead ProgrammerAndrew Taylor
Lead ArtistJohn Pearson
ProgrammingRichard Clark, Andrew Taylor
World ArtJimmy Alam, Sean Conlon, Todd Howard, Michael Kirkbride, Kurt Kuhlmann, Don Nalezyty
Character Art and AnimationJohn Pearson, Hugh Riley
2D and Inventory ArtHugh Riley
Additional ProgrammingGuy Carver, Marvin Herbold, Paul Hoggart, Morten Mørup, Peter Sundholm, Craig Walton
Cutscene Animations XL TranslabChandana Ekanayake, Steven Green, Josh Jones, Mark K. Jones, Giovanni Nakpil, Christopher Ondrus, Istvan Pely, Christopher Singh, Michael D. M. Smith
Story PaintingsMark Jackson
Original ScoreChip Ellinghaus, Grant Slawson
EditingKen Rolston
Design and WritingTodd Howard, Michael Kirkbride, Kurt Kuhlmann
ManualElizabeth Carnes (Layout), Richard Guy (Additional Writing), Michael Kirkbride (Writing and Art), Kurt Kuhlmann (Additional Writing), Hugh Riley (Maps), Ken Rolston (Additional Writing)
VoiceoversJeff Baker (as Richton, Basil, and others), Jonathan Bryce (as Tobias, Nidal, and others), Gayle Jessup (as Iszara, Siona), Michael Mack (as Cyrus), Dale Stein (as Saban, Falicia, and others)
NarratorMichael Howell
Recorded atAbsolute Pitch Studios Washington D.C.
Testing CoordinatorMichelle Buenzli
SalesVlatko Andonov
Public RelationsAshley Cheng
Box Design And LayoutChristopher Ondrus, Chandana Ekanayake, Elizabeth Carnes
WebsiteBob Ippolito, Istvan Pely
AdministrationChristopher Weaver (President), Constance Gachowski (VP Finance), Douglas Frederick (Division Director), Tim Starinieri (Controller)
Administration ‑ ProductionAleem Ali, Virgil Trice, Maria Jaramillo
Special Thanks ToJay Beale, Renee Dadds, Brent Erickson, Kim Howard, Jeff Howard, Cafe Kenny, Loren Kirkbride, Julian Lefay, Bruce Nesmith, Lori Nicholson, Gary L. Noonan, Sophie Ondrus, Gerri Osentoski, Louise Sandoval, Cherry Shore, Rafael Vargas, William Woodford, Indy, Uncle Atari, The Pearson Family, Coors Lite, Hoffman, The Smiley Rileys, The Magic Wands, George Lucas, The Almighty

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Credits for this game were contributed by Blackhandjr (104) and Jeanne (76652)