The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon Credits


Project LeaderAshley Cheng
ProgrammingAhn Hopgood, Mike Lipari, Matt Picioccio, Craig Walton
Additional ProgrammingSteve Meister
World ArtHope Adams, Christiane H. K. Meister, Istvan Pely, Rafael Vargas
Additional World ArtNoah Berry
Character and Creature ArtHiu-Lai Chong, Josh Jones, Gary L. Noonan, Juan Sanchez, Ka-Kei Wong
Additional Character and Creature ArtChristiane H. K. Meister
Writing and Quest DesignBrian Chapin, Mark E. Nelson, Emil Pagliarulo
Additional Writing and Quest DesignKen Rolston
Cutscene AnimationHiu-Lai Chong, Istvan Pely
Quality Assurance LeadMichael Fridley
Quality AssuranceMichael Fridley, Michael Mazzuca, Alan Nanes
Quality Assurance InternsNathan X. McDyer, Jennifer Noland
VoicesJeff Baker, Jonathan Bryce, Lynda Carter, Shari Elliker, Linda Kanyon
Voice RecordingAbsolute Pitch Studios
Manual WritingAshley Cheng, Pete Hines
Manual, Map, and Package DesignMichael Wagner
National Sales ManagerLori Rehr
Marketing AssistantDiana Calilhanna
Director of PR and MarketingPete Hines
PresidentVlatko Andonov

The Elder Scrolls

Executive ProducerTodd Howard
ProducerAshley Cheng
Lead ProgrammerCraig Walton
Lead ArtistMatthew Carofano
Lead Character ArtistChristiane H. K. Meister
Lead DesignerKen Rolston

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Credits for this game were contributed by Tom Harolds (11) and Corn Popper (69249)