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Inside Flaps (U.S./Canada):
    Fulfill Your Destiny

    Snatched from prison by the Emperor's decree, you arrive at the port of Seyda Neen in the waning years of the Third Era with nothing but the name of a contact in Balmora...completely ignorant of the Prophecies of the Incarnate, your mission, and the role you are to play in Morrowind's history.

    Embark on countless adventures
    Explore hundreds of locations including towns, wilderness, caves, ruins, dungeons, and more.

    Customize your interface
    Play in 1st or 3rd person, resize windows, and use drag and drop functionality.

    Real-time combat
    Use magic and hundreds of weapons to do battle with countless characters and creatures.

    Download new adventures
    Included is The Elder Scrolls Construction Set. Create, share, and download new items, dungeons, quests, and more.

    The sequel to Arena and Daggerfall
    - 1994 and 1996 RPGs of the Year

    Contributed by JPaterson (9551) on May 09, 2002.

Back of Box (U.S./Canada):
    Best RPG Of E3
    - Computer Gaming World

    Top 20 Games Of E3
    - GameSpot

    Best Of E3: RPG
    - Game Revolution

    Elder Scrolls Series
    - GameSpy Hall Of Fame

    Morrowind Collector's Edition Includes:

    Game CDs, Manual, and Map
    Includes Morrowind game disk and TES Construction Set disk, full-color manual, and full-color 21" wide x 18" tall map of Vvardenfell.

    Ordinator Figurine
    Highly detailed collectible Pewter figurine is 2 1/2" tall and features exquisite detail. Only available through Collector's Edition.

    Original Soundtrack
    Morrowind's original soundtrack, created by award-winning musician Jeremy Soule, on a separate audio CD. Only available through Collector's Edition.

    The Art Of Morrowind
    This 48-page, full color book contains concept sketches, color drawings, and renderings of creatures, characters, and locations used to create Morrowind. Only available through Collector's Edition.

    Contributed by JPaterson (9551) on May 09, 2002.