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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Game of the Year Edition (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Game of the Year Edition Credits


Project LeaderTodd Howard
Lead DesignerKen Rolston
Lead ProgrammingCraig Walton
Lead X‑BOX ProgrammingGuy Carver
Lead ArtistMatthew Carofano
Lead Artist (Characters)Christiane Meister
ProgrammingGuy Carver, Ahn Hopgood, Scott Franke, Chris Innanen, Mat Krohn, Mike Lipari, Steve Meister, Matt Picioccio, Kerry Sergent, Craig Walton
Additional ProgrammingHal Bouma, Victor Breuggemann, David DiAngelo, O'dell Hicks, Scott Hofmann, Andrew Nunn, Casey O'Toole, Erik Parker
Graphics (Worlds and Buildings)Hope Adams, Noah Berry, Mark Bullock, Matthew Carofano, Christine Miller, Gary L. Noonan
Additional Graphics (Worlds and Buildings)Shirin Alkaissi, Brian Chapin, Royal Connell, Bryan Card, Gavin Carter, Kevin Shriner, Frank Ward
Graphics (Characters and Creatures)Tohan Kim, Christiane Meister, Juan Sanchez
Additional Graphics (Character and Creatures)Wan Chiu, Chandana Ekanayake, Sean Foyle, Josh Jones, Mark Jones, Andrew Rai, Michael Smith, Ka-Kei Wong
Conceptional ArtMichael Kirkbride
Texts and Quests DesignDouglas Goodall, Mark E. Nelson, Ken Rolston
Additional Texts and Quests DesignBill Burcham, Todd Howard, Michael Kirkbride, Ted Peterson, Todd Vaughn
Sound EffectsJason Ruddy
Original Music Composed and Produced byJeremy Soule (www.JeremySoule.com)
Lead Quality AssuranceMichael Fridley
Quality AssuranceAbsolute Quality Inc.
Co‑ProducersAshley Cheng, Todd Vaughn
VoiceactingJeff Baker, Jonathan Bryce, Lynda Carter, Linda Canyon, David DeBoy, Shari Elliker, Catherine Flye, Cami St. Germain, Gayle Jessup, Wes Johnson, Melissa Leebaert, Michael Mack, Elisabeth Noone, Dude Walker
Voice RecordingAbsolute Pitch Studios
ManualPete Hines, Ashley Cheng
Layout (Box and Manual)Michael Wagner
Lead Marketing (National)Lori Rehr
Lead PR & MarketingPete Hines
ManagingVlatko Andonov
Original ConceptTodd Howard, Ken Rolston
Special Thanks toDon Nalezyty, Julian Lefay, Bruce Nesmith, Kurt Kuhlmann, Hugh Riley, Colin Williamson, Christopher Ondrus, Brian Stokes, Christopher Weaver, Brian Harvey, Greg James, Kelly Tofte, Kevin Bachus, Brent Erickson, Numerical Design Limited, Kim Howard, Jeff Howard, Indy , Jody Innanen, Rachel Noble, Mike Lipari, Ellen Lipari, Kim Rankin, Bryan Rankin, Gary L. Noonan, Cappy le Perroquet, Kezune , Mo , Regis Philbin, Antonio Lang, Stephanie Scheibley, Shannon Hines, Connor Hines, Alan Nanes, Steve Adamo, Kenny McDonald, (all members of the Forums and Fansites and to all our friends and families)
UBI Soft EntertainmentThomas Petersen, Delphine Delesalle, Rémi Perreault, Sébastien Pavia, Michael Thielmann, Marc Homayounpour

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Credits for this game were contributed by Alyassus Honeste (139)