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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Windows)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Oblivion has ten playable races, including the Argonians.
Character facial features are fully customizable.
The Emperor addresses you, a lowly prisoner.
The Character Sheet for a starting character. One of several tabs.
One of the first areas - beneath the prison.
Havok physics makes for some interesting traps.
I never liked goblins.
Locks are pickable via a challenging ingame mechanic.
A skeleton attacks.
A deeper dungeon with deranged zombies
Looking for a cave.
Skingrad in the rain
Some of Oblivion's plentiful public art
A guard remounts his horse.
An inn in Skingrad
Outside the Imperial City at night
A deranged pin cushion won't stop attacking me.
One of the Oblivion gates
So much for the rescue party
Looks like someone took the evil path in Fable.
A city fallen to Oblivion.
NPCs will often have a short conversation.
Leading NPCs out of danger.
Approaching a fort.
Sometimes it's just nice to sit and think.
Can I say enough about the graphics?
The Imperial City.
Fighting with a wolf.
Looking for a place to sleep.
Beautiful sunset. This game looks absolutely amazing.
Radiant AI means that NPCs act on their own impulses (including painting).
Weather effects
Fighting against a few Mystic Dawn members.
Up close with a Goblin Warlord
Entering a gate to Oblivion along with some soldiers of Bruma.
Attacking a Land Dreugh with a lightning spell.
A horde of undead Akaviri Warriors is attacking - it's usually best to avoid combat against too many opponents.
About to close an oblivion gate - the Dremora magicians have summoned two Fire Atronachs.