Electronic Super Joy Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Starting the game
Smash ability acquired
Level exit look like this
So far the jumping is not very hard, but the screen constantly scrolls so you have to be a fast jumper
Those stars are jumping pads
Those signs are teleports
New gimmick - sticky walls
Black-and-white stage
The keys unlock those large doors
The arrows serve as one-use jumping pads
Now we get missiles
If I smash the missile now I might not be able to climb up again
Escaping the missiles right into the level exit
The first boss (Pope) phase A
The first boss phase 2
The first boss phase 3
The worlds are divided into 15 stages each (except the bonus world)
The took away my smash ability, but gave me double jump instead
Lasers and suriken-throwing frogs. Sweet.
Gravity does seem funny
Those laser beams are rotating - ouch!
A huge monster is approaching fast
The screen has turned 90°, but the controls remain as if it hasn't. Designed by the devil himself, I tell ya!
Some pretty insane jumping
With missiles constantly flying all over the place the spot is pretty hard
Hey punk, are you tuff enuff?
Limited "fly" ability
Third boss
Infinite love mode
Devilishly hard bonus world