Elemental: War of Magic Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

This is version 1.40 (final version)
While choosing your game you can see some information on the bottom right corner
The map is a little barren
Same point of view but from the "cloth map" - maps switch automatically at a certain distance
Available improvements in cities depend on the level of research you have done, and its population
Train units menu
A more detailed view of your units
You can design some very powerful units, if you can afford their price
The weakest point of the game, you will use maybe three spells in a whole game (imbue champion, teleport and an attack spell) the rest has no use
The research tree is not that clear and many improvements are just useless (like the Hedge Wall)
Your kingdom report
Your sovereign can marry and will have children, who will grow up and become full units
Some more information on your kingdom
When you decide to attack you'll be able to abandon if the opponent seems too strong
Battles are turn based and offer no strategic or tactical challenge
Every surviving unit gains the same amount of experience after a battle
Yep, maps are quite barren, yet objects you can gather are sometimes almost invisible
You cannot build in the zone of influence of another kingdom, but you can send caravans to establish commerce
The options screen