Elmo's Deep Sea Adventure Credits

Sesame Workshop

ProducerRault Kehlor
Production AssistantSalat Tawinwong
Executive ProducerDaniel Projansky
Creative DirectorJason Milligan
WriterJason Milligan
Creative Production AssistantLivia Beasley
Art DirectorPeter Adam Lester
Lead ArtistJackie Ross
Initial Lead Artist & DesignMike Arnold
Backgrounds & AnimationDiego Turcios, Jenna Spevack
Additional AnimatorsKeelmy Carlo, Yuko Kodama, Luis Medero, Brian Moyer, Kirsten Petersen, Beth Stover, Greg Taylor, Brian Thompson
Pixel WranglerJim Pettersen
Henson Muppet ApprovalRuss Zambito
Music DirectorMiles Ludwig
Sound DirectorMiles Ludwig
MusicMichele Darling, Suzy Goldish, Peter Durwood, Nancy Rosenberg
Sound EffectsMichele Darling, Suzy Goldish, Peter Durwood, Nancy Rosenberg
Sound Editing and SynchronizationRay Sweeten, Miguel Lopez, Kent Lambert, Rebecca Mason
Technical DirectorStuart Naftel
Lead ProgrammerDavid Haase
Additional ProgrammingDan Robbins
Engine ProgrammersMathew Adams, Todd Marshall
Scripting Language ProgrammerCosmo Scrivanich
Technical ManagerEmily Reardon
Research DirectorLisa Medoff
Educational ConsultantGlenda Revelle (PhD)
Director of MarketingEllen Gold
V.P. Interactive Technologies Rob Madell
Products Group LiaisonKevin O'Connor
Many thanks toJanelle Courts, Mat Poirier, TRA Productions, and all the teachers and children at Chelsea Day School
Extra Special Thanks toJim Henson (whose imagination and vision continue to inspire us all)
And toCheryl Henson (for helping us keep the vision alive)
Starring the Sesame Street MuppetsKevin Clash (as Elmo), Caroll Spinney (as Oscar the Grouch), Carmen Osbahr (as Rosita), Frank Oz (as Grover), Fran Brill (as Zoe), Marty Robinson (as Telly)

Encore, Inc.

ProducerMaryann Duringer Klingman
Associate ProducersChrista McClintock, Anna Olson, Natasha Reynald
Director of MarketingKaren Petersen
Senior Brand ManagerThomas Craven
Senior VP, Learning DivisionThom Maslow
QA Lead EngineerGina Shelley
QA TestersWilfred Albovias, Lara Fetzer, Ryan Guevara, Sue Ma, Ryan Miller, Lori Tabor, Jamie Ngo
Thanks toHugo Paz, Stephen C. Wong, Gregory K. Kitamura, Ellen Holbrook, Sally Mark, Debbie Galdin, Sara Guinness, Nancy Howe, Todd Wong, Horwitz Design, Gina Moimoto, Ganean De La Grange, Jeanette Jolliff, Fedora Chen, Emmeline Chen, Carole Kochan, Alaleh Hatamaria, Lisa Thomas

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Credits for this game were contributed by DJP Mom (11110)