Elmo's Deep Sea Adventure Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The title screen
Elmo swims into Oscar's lab
Oscar introduces the hand tool
This surprised octopus just got poked
Are these two squid the same? Or do all squid play with dolls?
Collecting a silver coin for Oscar
Tickling this stingray brought on a fit of giggles
After getting safely to the treasure, Clammie blows a huge bubble to carry it up and away
One never knows what might be in a treasure trunk
Elmo provides some inconsequential talk about starfish, barnacles, and sand castles
Putting shapes back where they belong in the ruins of Atlantis
Planting seeds to match the vegetable pattern
Zoe isn't sure which swimmer's time is up, but she can tell by the sounds thay make...
Really, what IS that sound?