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Windows version

Main Title/Main Menu
Main Options
Select your house
Atreides ornithopters saving the Fremen scouts.
Sardaukar army, prepping to embark for Dune.
This time, the computer may attack your territory, and if the battle is lost, doesn't mean the whole war is. Guess we all waited for something like this in the world of RTS.
In-game options.
One thing you'll never lack for sure... the spice. Machine gun turrets are rather efficient against enemy infantry, just as always.
You can always zoom out your battlefield if you wanna see more units and have better control over the wild bunch. Though it slows the game on computers such as mine at the moment :(
This unfortunate Fremen sietch is settled between Atreides and Harkonnen armies. Yiiikes for the Fremen!
When it says 'worm sign' it's usually too late.
Two Fremen arguing about necessity of Atreides alliance.
Harkonnen mentat doesn't look any more fearful nor ugly from the Atreides one.
Yaaahooo! Now this is your mentat when you play with Ordos. I'm picking their house ;))
Multiplayer mode sure gives you an advantage if you have the Ixian Projector unit that can make your army look MUCH larger. Even more, those units can do harm even if they aren't real.
Ordos Assassing and the sub-house of Tleilaxu doesn't play fair as they try and kill the Atreides Duke and Fremen leaders on Atreides home planet.
With Duke around, you can only find tough and stealth veteran soldiers as protectors.
With elite Fremen units, you can even call and ride smaller worms :)) Isn't that what we all awaited!?
House Harkonnen doesn't care if their weapons are against the allowed convention, hehe...
When you point upon some bunker, you'll see its fire-range.
Building of Ordos barracks. Each building animation is really amazing.
Getting ready an engineer to take on the Harkonnen base.
Selecting square automatically recognizes terrain shifts.
An abandoned Starport, but since it's iconed as a civilian, there's no way to occupy it.
Entering the ordos base through the 'front gate'.
Ordos power surge will make your turrets and vehicles shoot on anything nearby for a short period of time, even at your units and buildings.
Atreides heavy artillery attack on Ordos installments.
Emperor worm isn't that hard to kill, but it has to be done before it awakens. This time, the sleeper must not awake ;))
As much as it seems huge and terrifying, I've taken care of this cannon with only a couple of Fremen elite warriors.
I've tried quick and swift victory, but instead, I got overran with enemy troops. The lesson: building heavy defences is more then just necessary sometimes.
Tleilaxu Leeches just spit on your vehicles infesting them and turning into a new leech. Though, that can be fixed with repair vehicle or nearby engineer.
Sand Bikes ready to attack
New Units
Mentat's Briefing
Wormsign detected
Victory in battle
Your territory is under attack.Defend or resign.
Sandstorm is real
Battle results