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Back of Keep Case - Windows (Germany):

    "Schon das nächste Jahrhundert bringt den Kampf um die Erdherrschaft."

    Friedrich Nietzsche

    Mit Empire Earth: Zeitalter der Eroberungen erleben Sie eine brandneue einzigartige Epoche und 3 monumentale Kampagnen mit neuen Einheiten, Helden, Zivilisationen und Katastrophen. Es erwartet Sie die größte Herausforderung der Menschheit: Die Eroberung des Weltraums.
    "Der Hit sind die extrem gut designten Kampagnen mit ihren durchweg spannenden Geschichten."
    Gamestar 01/2002 über Empire Earth

    3 epische Kampagnen mit 18 neuen Szenarien!

    Erobern Sie die schwer umkämpften Küstenabschnitte von Iwo Jima während des 2. Weltkrieges.

    Erleben Sie den Aufstieg des römischen Reichs aus erster Hand!

    Sie sind der Anführer einer Siedlung auf dem Mars in der neuen Weltraum-Kampagne.

    Neu: die 15. Epoche
    Führen Sie Ihre Zivilisation in eine neue Dimension: den Weltraum!

    Erweiterte Online-Möglichkeiten
    Mit bis zu 8 Mitspielern können Sie weltweite Schlachten austragen. Finden Sie Ihre Gegner mit dem verbesserten Matchmaking- und globalen Ranking-System.

    Prachtvolle Landschaften und Grafiken
    Viele neue Details wie brechende Wellen, Panzerspuren im Sand, Einschlagskrater etc.

    Neue Einheiten, Waffen und Gebäude
    Centurion, Null-G Ingenieur, japanische Mitsubishi-Zero, Fallschirmjäger, Cyber-Drone, planetarisches Verteidigungsschild und vieles mehr.

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Press Release:

    "Epic" Once Again Too Small a Word to Describe Expansion Pack that Adds New Content, Features

    BELLEVUE, WA (September 17, 2002) - Sierra Entertainment, Inc., a studio of the Games division of Vivendi Universal Publishing, today announced that Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest(tm) has shipped to retail stores nationwide. Developed by Mad Doc Software, Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest is the official expansion pack for's 2001 "PC Game of the Year," Empire Earth. The real-time strategy game has sold over one million copies worldwide.

    The Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest game is rated "T" for teen audiences by the Entertainment Software Rating Board, and carries a suggested retail price of $29.99. A retail copy of Empire Earth is required to run Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest.

    The Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest game includes three new single-player campaigns set in ancient Rome, the Pacific Theater of World War II, and Asia in the 22nd century. In addition, each of the 21 pre-designed civilizations in the game gains a unique special power, building, or unit. Examples include: the Kingdom of Italy's Metallurgy power, which allows them to pay building costs with gold or iron interchangeably; Great Britain's S.A.S. unit will be able to plant demolitions and swim across water; and the United States' market building will allow that civilization to trade abundant resources for scarce ones.

    The Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest game will also feature significant new multiplayer functionality. The multiplayer improvements will further enhance Empire Earth's wide array of online game play options, and give more flexibility to gamers competing via the Internet. These enhancements will also be available as a free download to Empire Earth owners.

    In the Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest game, gamers can become the greatest conqueror of all time by creating, building, and leading a civilization to transcend the ages - from the discovery of fire, to flight, to the next frontier: space.

    From Prehistory to the Space Age of the 22nd Century, Empire Earth serves up gaming on an epic scale. Empire Earth and Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest cover over 500,000 years of human history, from the discovery of fire to the laser battles of the future. Each player takes control of a fledgling civilization and strives to forge the greatest of all empires.

    About Mad Doc Software
    Mad Doc Software, LLC was founded in November 1999 by Dr. Ian Lane Davis, formerly Technical Director at Activision's Santa Monica studio. Mad Doc is comprised of developers with a wealth of game experience, having been key players on such games as Dark Reign, Battlezone, Civilization: Call To Power, Star Trek: Armada, System Shock, Thief, Flight Unlimited, Thief 2: The Metal Age, System Shock 2, and Flight Unlimited II. The experience, drive, professionalism, and creativity of the Mad Doc team is now focused on developing the next generation of ground-breaking games - a commitment that places it squarely at the leading edge of the game industry.

    About Sierra Entertainment, Inc.
    Sierra, a studio of the Games division of Vivendi Universal Publishing, is one of the original developers and largest worldwide publishers of interactive entertainment software. Based in Bellevue, Washington, Sierra is renowned for releasing critically acclaimed and award winning titles that represent a wide variety of computer entertainment on game consoles and PC platforms.

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Official Empire Earth Website:
    This highly anticipated expansion pack offers three exciting new campaigns, a whole new space epoch, and much, much more.

    Carry your quest for world dominion beyond the bounds of earth and into the Space Age of the 22nd century with Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest. Cross the final frontier as you extend your conquests into space and command armies that travel faster than the speed of light.

    - New 15th epoch – the Space Age - Three additional campaigns – World War II, Roman Empire, Asia – and 18 all-new scenarios - More legendary military heroes to lead your forces – General MacArthur, Admiral Yamamoto - New wonders and calamities, including the orbital space station and meteor storms - Futuristic military technologies, such as the antimissile battery - New terrain and graphic enhancements

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Sierra Entertainment Official Website:
    Global Dominance Was a Meager Goal

    This add-on to the 2001 PC Game of the Year, Empire EarthÂ’: The Art of ConquestÂ’ pushes the envelope even further with 3 all new campaigns from the Roman Empire to WWII and finally into the future. Players have conquered new lands before, but this time to continue the dominance of their civilization, they must cross the boundaries of space.

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