Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest Credits

Mad Doc Software

ProducerKen Davis
Lead ProgrammerRex E. Bradford
ProgrammingXinbo Kan, Gary Strawn, Tara Teich
Lead DesignerMatthew Nordhaus
DesignChris Bold, David J. Fielding, Dan McClure
Lead ArtistMark C. Graham
ArtScott Downey, Nicholas Greco, Karen Wolff
QA LeadThomas Murray
QAJohn Cataldo
Additional Art ByPaul Bernstein
Executive DirectionShaun McDermott, Ian Lane Davis
Special Thanks ToChristine and Max, Wei Li, Leah , Audrey Graham, Emma Grace, Ellie Viv, Clinton Red Murphy, LST 820, Sophi , Murphy , Sandy , Gene Mauro, Bob Deluca, Jim Martin, Lenore Celia, Bert Paley, Jim Thorp, Tom of Everett Mills

Sierra Entertainment

ProducerJon Payne
Executive ProducerEric Hayashi
Vice President DevelopmentRodney Nakamoto
QA LeadChad Martin
Assistant QA LeadTharlie Richardson
QA TesterMichael Racioppi
Director of MarketingCharles Grover Holtzclaw
Brand ManagerSteve Beinner
Brand Manager (North America)Alex Rodberg
International Brand MarketingBeatrice Henrion
PR ManagerAdam Kahn
VP MarketingBarbara Schwabe
Senior Director PRKathy Miller
Technology Group Engineering ManagerMike Nicolino
Technology Group EngineersWilliam Dewey, Brent LaPoint, Brian Rothstein, Brendan Vanous, Dean Webster
Administrative SupportBeth Adams
Special Thanks ToMike Ryder, Juliet Pitt, Cathy Johnson
DocumentationLisa Gagnon

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Credits for this game were contributed by Matthew Nordhaus (17) and formercontrib (159638)