Skirmish CheatsContributed by -Chris (7565) on Nov 21, 2001.

These cheats work in skirmish mode only, not in the campaigns. Press “Enter” to open the chat console, then type in the cheat code.

headshot X		kills all units of player X (X is a number from 1 to 8)
somebody set up us the bomb	instant victory
ahhhcool			instant defeat
columbus			uncover map
asus drivers		removes fog of war
boston food sucks		1000 food
you said wood		1000 wood
rock & roll		1000 stone
ATM			1000 gold
creatine			1000 iron
all your base are belong to us	100,000 of each resource
slimfast			food set to 0
uh, smoke?		wood set to 0
mine your own business	stone set to 0
boston rent		gold set to 0
girlyman			iron set to 0
the big dig		all resources set to 0
BAM X			advance to epoch X (X is a number from 1 to 14) 
brainstorm		build / research duration set to 0
my name is methos		god mode
the quotable patella	all unit skills to maximum
coffee train		full hitpoints for all units
i have the power		full energy for all units
friendly skies		full flight time for all air units

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