Written by  :  Indra is stressed (20706)
Written on  :  Jan 03, 2003
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I have a lot of bad things to say about this "Age of Empire" rebellion game...

The Good

The game has new features, different from its predecessor Age of Empires II. I commend their "trying" to come up with something new, as well as their ambitious attempt to "compile" all ages, past and futuristic. So what do you have when you combine Age of Empires, Cossacks, Red Alert and Starcraft? I'll tell you later...(save the best for last).

This game has no races or nations like other games, instead the differences are given to "civilization bonuses", which if you play a normal game (not campaign), you get to choose what bonuses your "race" excels in, similar to character creations in RPG games only this applies to a race (or nation). For example you can customize your nation to excell in Tanks (e.g. 20% attack bonus, 20% armour, etc). Therefore it would probably virtually impossible to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of a nation in a multiplayer game!

Improvement of units are now delegated to the units themselves, not in buildings (e.g. barracks), however with a limitation. You can only improve only a number of improvement per type of unit, therefore also creation diversity in unit abilities. Example: If you maximize attack, defence to maximum, your unit may lack speed or movement, etc.

The graphics are sound features are very nice. I've noticed some detailed work when you bombard walls and buildings, which gives a more "real" affect.

I do commend the fact this is the only game (I know of) where you can actually play the part of the Nazi's although not explicitly expressed in the campaign description.

The Bad

Now for the good stuff, er bad stuff. What I don't like about this game. As I said earlier, what do you get when you combine Age of Empires, Cossacks, Red Alert and Starcraft? TOTAL CHAOS!

This game has NO FOCUS. Trying to bundle everything in one package, making this one very boring real time strategy game in the long run. But no matter that's not what's bad, it gets worse.

HORRIBLE INTERFACE! Not recommended for experienced players that take value of informational detail: You click on a unit and there is no description what so ever about the unit. Not even a help menu to explain the uses of units and buildings. BY THE GODS! What are they thinking? Do they actually think that gamers just play? That they do not actually like to READ and KNOW more about those little icons they move around in the game? If there were awards for IGNORANCE for EDUCATIONAL VALUES this game would win top awards. Sorry for being harsh, but games like this do teach much to those playing them unlike most games I've played.

Oh, and the campaign? You'd be better of playing Age of Empires I. Much better. Unfortunately, my personal opinion is if they hope to rival Age of Empires with this "game", they'd be better of making chess programs.

The beta testers (as well as the campaign programmers) failed big time in this game too (well not big time, but irritating enough). When you play the campaign, you'll probably understand what I'm talking about. Whoever produced the campaign needs to get another job! NO TASTE! And talk about bad acting. The story teller could bore you to sleep. No creativity and they keep limiting your options on what units you can or cannot do. In certain situations you cannot control your units because of the plot (They're my units, don't move them!). There goes the strategy!

The units are a little less irritating than of Cossacks. Units can actually bump other units therefore ruining their previous stance. Probably because using 3D features. Which also make units hard to move in tight situations, in addition they can't march in formation very good either. (Should've learnt better from Cossacks)

And there's the air units. If you know how to control those flying birds someone let me know. Forget flying in formation, because there is no such thing. Red Alert fans would laugh out of their socks seeing how the air units (specifically planes) operate in this game. They fly one by one, flying around like a pack of vultures. So you can forget about lightning attacks from the air. They get there when they get there.

Did I mention bad interface. Oh, yes I did. No pride, by gum.

The Bottom Line

Expect minimal brain activity. Better off playing Age of Mythology, worth being called Age of Empires III.