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Scenario description.
A typical view of the strategic map. Note that the player cannot move onto adjacent diagonal squares.
Entering the dungeon.
In the dungeon, when you move into a new room, a brief description is given. Usually a monster encounter ensues afterwards, but there are also special events like merchants or traps.
Typical combat consists of selecting the type of attack, but sometimes the special heroic actions become available. Well, retreating isn't particularly heroic but it can be very useful.
After defeating a monster, gold, treasures or some useful item can be found. The number of carrying slots in the player's inventory is quite limited though.
Advancing up a level.
The player can have one primary and one secondary weapon. When more powerful weapons are found, older ones must be replaced.
Managing the castle. Greyed out options are those that have already been constructed.
Hiring troops. You don't need to be inside the castle to add newly hired units to the player's army.
A typical random dungeon. There's a boss monster waiting somewhere in the unexplored rooms.
Combat with a medium-level enemy.
Treasure items might look different but they all mean just more gold added to the player's resources.
Found some wood.
A friendly city brings income in the form of taxes, and also allows to trade resources and buy hero items. Gems can only be bought from city markets and merchants.
You need a lot of honour points to buy a powerful weapon.