Enchanted Fairy Friends: Secret of the Fairy Queen Credits


Dedicated toMaddie & Gwen

Other Ocean Interactive

ProgrammingJeff Vavasour
Lead ArtistJanice Hertel
ArtistsJessica Holt, Matt Murray, Ryan Slemko, Todd Stokes
Object ArtSovran
Lead DesignerJustin McNeil
Original ScoreGreg Wells
Sound EffectsGreg Wells
ProducerTravis Hunt
Associate ProducerOwen Watson
Production AssistantsChristine Bourque, Mandy Stokes
Technical DirectorGordon Wood
Art DirectorChris Sharpley
CEOAndrew Ayre
Studio HeadDeirdre Ayre
Accounts ManagerTara Costain
IT SupportShane O'Connor
Special ThanksDavid Fanjoy, Irene Vavasour, Nicole Wong, Atlantic Canada, Opportunity Agency, Government of Prince Edward Island


Front OfficeDoug Clemmer, Scott Zerby, Cindy Hudson
ProductionCory Johnson, Michael Cucchiarella, James Van Guilder, James Robrahn, Glenn Lawrence, Greg Stutsman, Solomon Swanson, Ben Sipe, Jamal A. Khan
CreativeJohn Gamades, Jessica Klaustermeier, Michael Tschimperle, Beau Norby, Mike McDonough
MarketingNicole Yolitz Armstrong, Tia Wucher, Dawn Nelson Helle


Rose Queen dialog performed byVania Robrahn
Audio EngineerKaren Elias

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (80156)