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Back of Keep Case - Windows (Germany):


    Du spürst den schweren, kalten Stahl deiner Streitaxt und holst aus. Röchelnd bricht der Wächter zusammen. Du öffnest das Tor und trittst in die modrige Finsternis. Nur Dich selbst wolltest Du retten. Jetzt rette die Welt!

    • atemberaubende 3D-Grafik mit nie gesehenen Effekten
    • über 25 detaillierte Level voller Hochspannung
    • ausgefeiltes Kampfsystem mit Trefferzonen, Magie und Specialmoves
    • Licht und Finsternis - 2 Kampagnen zur Auswahl
    • 12 spielbare Charakterklassen
    • filmreifer Soundtrack
    • mächtige Endgegner
    • diverse versteckte Bonus-Games

    Nur in der DVD-Edition:
    • exklusives Hologramm-Cover zum Herausnehmen
    • 8 hochwertige Artwork-Karten

    Contributed by jaXen (28555) on Oct 22, 2010. - Windows (French):


    Entrez dans nouveau monde de lumière et de ténèbres !

    Le monde d'Enclave se divise en deux : Celenheim (ou Enclave) du côté de la lumière, et Dreg'Atar plongé dans les ténèbres. Suite à une série d'événements catastrophiques, le monde s'est trouvé coupé par une faille dite sans fin. Si Celenheim a pu prospérer dans la paix, de l'autre côté, des formes sombres et corrompues se battent pour la survie. Mais voilà que la faille rétrécit et que les Dreg'Atar décident d'assouvir leur soif de confort et de facto, de s'en prendre à Celenheim...


    • Action et combat médiéval intense, vainqueur de l'award du "meilleur jeu d'action" lors de l'E3 décerné par IGN
    • De longues heures de jeu : le joueur aura à choisir entre deux différentes campagnes qui, combinées, révèleront le véritable destin d'Enclave : les Ténèbres Eternelles, ou la lueur de la Rédemption.
    • Grande ambiance musicale avec nombreux effets spéciaux sonores.
    • Plus de 27 niveaux fantasy hautement détaillés + 6 mini-jeux en bonus.
    • 12 différentes classes de personnages jouables, (plus 4 personnages en bonus), 5 boss de fin.
    • Des douzaines d'armes et armures, incluant épées, haches, arbalètes, dagues et bâtons magiques. >

    Contributed by Xoleras (65963) on Sep 30, 2005.
    In der phantastischen Welt von Enclave wurden die Völker des Lichts und der Finsternis durch einen unendlich tiefen Riss, der vor Jahrtausenden die Erde aufspaltete, voneinander getrennt. Die Länder des Lichts sind reich und gedeihen prächtig. Sie bilden eine Enklave der Aufrichtigkeit und der Ordnung, umgeben von den verunstalteten und unfruchtbaren Einöden der Finsternis, den kriegsverwüsteten Ebenen der sogenannten Outlands.
    Im Lauf der Jahrhunderte begann sich jedoch der tiefe Riss wieder zu schließen und Scharmützel zwischen den Mächten des Lichts und der Finsternis entlang der Grenzgebiete gehörten schon bald zum Alltag. Nun ist es nur noch eine Frage der Zeit, bis diese Auseinandersetzungen in einen gnadenlosen Krieg münden. Schlagen Sie sich auf die Seite einer der Konfliktparteien, und rüsten Sie sich für den bevorstehenden, unerbittlichen Krieg.
    Als revolutionärer Genremix aus den besten Shooter-, Adventure- und Rollenspielelementen, bietet Enclave ein flexibles und umfangreiches Spielsystem, in dem sich der Spieler dem gnadenlosen Kampf auf Leben und Tod stellen kann.
    Die optische und akustische Präsentation von Enclaves dunkler, mittelalterlicher Fantasywelt stellt alles bisher dagewesene in den Schatten und beschert dem Spieler eine vollkommen neuartige Spielerfahrung.

    • Vollständig auf DVD-ROM
    • Unglaubliche, nie gesehene 3D-Grafik
    • Über 25 extrem detaillierte Levels
    • 12 spielbare Charakterklassen
    • Bombastischer Soundtrack
    • Versteckte Bonus-Games
    • Kampfsystem mit Trefferzonen, Magie und Specialmoves

    Contributed by Xoleras (65963) on May 02, 2005.

Atari Australia Press Quotes - Xbox:
    “Enclave will keep you coming back for more” - The Saturday Mirror – Saturday 20th July 02

    “Enclave is one of the best looking games yet seen on Xbox” - Official Xbox Magazine – July 02

    “Excellent lighting adds a depth and moodiness to the gothic setting and while it isn’t the most original fantasy world you’ll have ever seen, it’s unlikely that this kind of generic gothicness has ever been so well executed before” - Official Xbox Magazine – July 02

    “Enclave looks like it could be another showcase title in XBox’s growing stable of unique videogames” - Edge Magazine

    “Enclave proves itself a sweet surprise. It’s one of the best looking games on Xbox and with loads of characters and epic levels it should play terrifically too. The best Xbox game of the summer? Maybe” - Computer and Video Games

    " The first thing you will notice about Enclave are the incredible graphics. With such impeccable level design, it’s great that this game looks so beautiful, from the scenery to the character models. Despite most of the environments being at night or in dark castles or dungeons, you can always see well. Enclave will take you underwater, to the underworld, through dungeons, castles, harbors, and much more. Every place looks unbelievable. Both enemy and player models are silky smooth, and much more convincing than any other game out there. Both protagonists and enemies alike have extremely realistic looks and animations. Everything about Enclave is fun to watch; this makes the game all the more special." -

    " could say that if you own an Xbox, then you must purchase this game no matter what. The texture details and all-around design of the Enclave world is inspiring, especially when I watch my Knight approach a torch and see his shadow moving around on the ground accordingly. Even the bodies of water are brilliantly animated as they flow gracefully in streams, rivers, and moats. Trees are thick with leaves and weeds sprout in bunches, hiding your dirty boots. The player models are solid and believable in their movements. " -

    " Enemies will ambush you from behind barrels, around corners, and fire arrows down from rooftops. They will throw chairs at you and even send fireballs blazing your way. The enemy AI can be very brutal at times, and repeating the levels a few times may become the norm before finishing the task. Thankfully the easy controls did not hinder the gameplay one bit. " -

    " The music and sound effects are top-notch, adding to the game a promise of a magical experience that will not be forgotten, of battles won and dangers ahead. Even before you begin your quest, you know you have something extremely good in your hands. 95% overall" -

    Contributed by Xoleras (65963) on May 11, 2004.

Atari Australia website (for Xbox):

    In the fantasy world of Enclave the people of Light and Darkness are divided by a bottomless rift that split the earth many millennia ago. The lands of light are prosperous and rich, an Enclave of truth and order, surrounded by the twisted and barren lands of the dark, war ravaged plains known as the Outlands. Over the centuries the rift has started to close, skirmishes along the border have become more and more frequent and it is only a matter of time before these altercations turn into a full scale war. Take the side of light or dark as they prepare for the imminent war.

    Through its sheer beauty, fascinating storyline and convincing gameplay Enclave will lastingly embed the players in its gloomy, medieval-fantasy scenario.

    Presenting a truly flexible and extensive game system, where the players can indulge in thrilling struggles for survival, Enclave will impressively show its owners why the Xbox is termed a "next-generation" console…

  • Fast-paced medieval combat action beautiful, never-before-seen 3D graphics great atmospheric music and ambient sound fx
  • 20 plus highly detailed fantasy themed levels, ranging from grand castles, to lava caverns to snowy mountain top cities
  • 12 different playable character classes
  • Dozens of weapons and items, including swords, axes, crossbows, daggers and magical staffs certain levels feature large, moveable siege machines (such as catapults and ballistas) which can be used to destroy sections of the environment in real time
  • Two separate story driven single player campaigns allow gamers to experience the gripping story from the side of both light (good) and dark (evil)
  • Prized with the IGN Best Action Game of E3 2001 award

    Contributed by Xoleras (65963) on May 05, 2004.

Back of Case (U.S./Canada):
    Choose Your Path... Warrior of the Light, or Minion of the Dark?

    • 12 playable characters with unique weapons, abilities, and equipment.
    • Over 25 intricately designed levels featuring interactive indoor and outdoor environments.
    • Wage 2 completely different campaigns.
    • Crush your enemies with hundreds of weapons, both traditional and magical.

    Destroy... with hand-to-hand combat!

    Contributed by JPaterson (9103) on Sep 01, 2002.