Enclave (Windows)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Enclave Credits

Starbreeze Studios

Game DesignMagnus Högdahl, Jens Andersson, Mikael Wahlberg
Story WriterGustaf Grefberg
Characters & SkinsTom Fritzson, Pär Tingström
Level DesignJerk Gustafsson, Mikael Wahlberg
GameplayJan Andersson, Fredrik Ljungdahl, Jerk Gustafsson, Mikael Wahlberg, Emil Gustavsson
TexturesJens Matthies
Soundtrack & SoundeffectsGustaf Grefberg
Engine ProgrammingMagnus Högdahl, Erik Olofsson
Game ProgrammingJens Andersson, David C. Mondelore, Samuel Ranta-Eskola, Fredrik Olén
AI ProgrammingAnders Olsson
GUI ProgrammingHans Andersson
GUI GraphicsLars Johansson, Jens Matthies
Character AnimationsEckhardt Milz, Benny Edlund, Mattias Lindkvist, Henrik Kamsvåg
FMVDmitry Savinoff, Fredrik Lernmark, Jens Matthies, Lars Johansson
ArtworkFredrik Lernmark, John Wallin, Pär Tingström
Items & SkinsErik Pettersson
Special EffectsDavid C. Mondelore, Jan Andersson, Magnus Andersson, Fredrik Ljungdahl, Erik Pettersson, Jerk Gustafsson, Mikael Wahlberg, Emil Gustavsson, Jörgen Stenquist
BalancingErik Pettersson
PhotographyJohan Oskarsson, Jens Matthies, Roger Karlsson, Tim Branan, Jan Andersson, Lars Johansson, Karin Gadde Jennische
Co‑Story WriterKimberly Durley
Additional Sound EffectsJohan Althoff
Additional ProgrammingJim Kjellin, Daniel Hansson
Additional CharactersErik Pettersson
Additional Character AnimationHenrik Håkansson, Patrik Karlsson, Johan Fröjd, Daniel Eriksson
Additional LeveldesignJens Matthies, Emil Gustavsson, Magnus Andersson, Tom Fritzson, Fredrik Ljungdahl, Jan Andersson
Additional ModellingJan Andersson, Pär Tingström, Theo Savidis, Erik Larsson
Additional AnimationErik Pettersson, Jan Andersson
Additional Voice ActingKimberly Durley, Jens Matthies, Gustaf Grefberg, Erik Pettersson, Sandra Hernfridsson
Additional ArtworkJonas Jansson, Jeff Tardiff
QAHans Andersson, Lars Johansson, Robert Widing
Project ManagementLars Johansson, Hans Andersson, Mikael Wahlberg, Jens Andersson, Magnus Högdahl, Marco Ahlgren
Special ThanksJoel Johansson, Klas Persson, Hans Roger Östlin

PC Team

Lead ProgrammerErik Olofsson
Engine programming Magnus Högdahl
Additional ProgrammingJens Olsson, Jens Andersson, Fredrik Olén, David C. Mondelore
Level design/scriptingFredrik Ljungdahl, Jerk Gustafsson, Jan Andersson
GUI GraphicsLars Johansson
LocalizationGustaf Grefberg, Claudio Arcos, Jenny Brännström
QARobert Widing, The Test Station
Project ManagerFredrik Sjöö

Swing! Entertainment Media AG

Executive BoardUlrich Conrath, Marco Hüsges
Development DirectorJonas Eneroth
Lead ProducerNick Kyriakidis
Assistant ProducerChristophe Vandebroek
Executive ProducerThomas Brockhage
Localization CoordinationNick Kyriakidis, Uwe Paals
ManualNick Kyriakidis, Georg Schiffer
Additional TranslationUwe Paals
Quality AssuranceTorsten Allard
Lead Testing GroupChristian Langer, Georg Schiffer, Christian Grünwald
Testing GroupMichael Berndt, Sebastian Tech, Daniel Groh, Christian Groth, Christian Brunstein
Localization - Voice Art DüsseldorfMartin Ruiz, Torreblanca, Enrique López, Torsten Hendrichs
Compatibility TestingPMTC Belgium, Tommy Goffin, Carlo Smeyers, Benny Duchateau, Maarten Sourbron
Special ThanksMarion Morell, Christian Gaul, Quoc Duy Ngo, Pierre Groth, Oliver Hilgers, Andrea Knebel, Farina Cüppers, Ulrich Fleischer

Atari's Team

Snr VP, Internation Product ServicesJean-Marcel Nicolaï
Republishing TeamRebecka Pernered, Sébastien Chaudat, Caroline Fauchille, Jenny Clark, Sébastien Aprikian, Marie Sliwa
Quality Control TeamLewis Glover, Olivier Robin, Carine Mawart
Software Testing TeamRelQ Software PVT Ltd
Engineering TeamPhilippe Louvet, Stéphane Entéric, Emeric Polin
Localisation Support GroupDavid Chomard, Maud Favier, Heather Riddoch
Localisation TestingBabel Media Ltd., Translation, KBP, Synthesis
Certification and Planning Support GroupSophie Wibaux-Meliet, Caroline Fauchille, Jérôme Di Tullio
International Marketing TeamMathieu Brossette, Mathieu Piau

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