Enemy Engaged: Apache/Havoc Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Detailed cockpit
View beautiful countrysides
Practice landing on aircraft carriers
The sun, an Apache helicopter and a lot of rockets. Hot.
The game's main menu screen
This is the game configuration option screen
If the game is left at the main menu screen for too long it enters a screen saver mode during which it displays various aircraft and ground vehicles
This is the Combat Missions selection screen
Selecting 'Dynamic Missions' brings up this screen
The 05:30 mission is suitably dark
Arming the helicopter prior to take-off
There are two default pilots provided. This screen allows the player to set up a new pilot
When flying the 'Dynamic Missions' the player can fly as either Apache or as Havoc
A Dynamic Mission consists of a number of sub missions, each of which has its own briefing
The map view shows the area over which the mission is to be flown
In addition to flying with the normal view and the HUD only view there is the instrument view. The panels shown here can be viewed full-screen as well
Game over. Don't disengage autopilot and cut the engine when flying low towards a hill
Every mission ends with a debriefing screen