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Enemy Zero (Windows)

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Enemy Zero Credits


Director and storyKenji Eno (credited as Eno Kenji)
MusicMichael Nyman (credited as Michel Niman)
Sound Effects Ogawa Takamatsu (credited as Ogawa Takamatsu)
Creature DesignerYasushi Nirasawa (credited as Nirasawa Yasushi)
Sound EngineerMasayoshi Ōkawa (credited as Okawa Masayoshi)
Story and Dialogue WriterYuji Sakamoto (credited as Sakamoto Yuji)
Director of C.G.I.Shosaburou Tateishi (credited as Tateishi shozaburo)
C.G.I. AnimatorsFumito Ueda (credited as Ueda Fumito), Hirohiko Sugamura (credited as Sugamura Hirohiko), Hideki Sudo (credited as Sudou Hideki), Tomohiro Yamamoto (credited as Yamamoto Tomohiro)
CGI DesignersHiromi Hayashi (credited as Hayashi Hiromi), Tomohiro Miyazaki (credited as Miyazaki Tomohiro), Takahiro Matsuhira (credited as Matsudaira Takahiro)
ProgrammersHideki Miura (credited as Miura Hideki), Naoya Sato (credited as Sato Naoya)
Development byWARP


ProducerToshinori Asai (credited as Asai Toshinori)
SOE Product ManagerSteve Wombwell
SEI Product ManagerMatt Wolf
DirectorShiino Masamitsu (credited as Shiino Masamitsu)
SOA DirectorKeith Palmer
SOE DirectorRichard Lloyd
Main ProgrammerTakashi Atsu (credited as Atsu Takashi)
ProgrammerDavid Petchey, David Foster
Main DesinderHisato Fukumoto (credited as Fukumoto Hisato)
DesignerAEON, Spider, Kensuke Yamamoto (credited as Yamamoto Kensuke), Wataru Nakama (credited as Nakama Wataru), Paul Jerem
SoundTomonori Sawada (credited as Sawada Tomonori)
Package & ManualKaoru Ichigozaki (credited as Ichigozaki Kaoru), Hayato Takebayashi (credited as Takebayashi hayato), Hiroki Ōsawa (credited as Osawa Hiroki)
TesterYōichirō Inoue
Language TesterRoberto Párraga-Sánchez , Dave Thompson, Michael Weissmuller (credited as Michael Wiessmuller)
Special ThanksShun Arai (credited as Arai Shun), Husein Abbass, Taiji Okamoto (credited as Okamoto Taiji), Ide Yuichiro, Hitendra Naik, Scott Hawkins, Junko Yasui (credited as Yasui Junko), Satomi Kawasaki (credited as Kawasaki Satomi), Hiroko Yokosuka (credited as Yokosuka Hiroko), Hiroyuki Otaka (credited as Otaka Hiroyuki), Toshirou Nakayama (credited as Nakayama Toshiro)
French Voice-over Cast Patricia Benadiba (Laura Lewis), Pierre Moubouche (David Burnerd), Marianne Borgo (Kimbery Hurd), Daniel Pageon (George Takahashi), Emmanuel Bonami (Ronny)
German Voice‑over CastGabrielle Strutt (Laura Lewis), Martin Muller (David Burnerd), Aletta Lohmeyer (Kimbery Hurd), Stefan Boje (George Takahashi), Wolf Kähler (Ronny)

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