ER Credits (Windows)

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ER Credits


Dr. John CarterNoah Wyle
Dr. Susan LewisSherry Stringfield
Dr. Gregory PrattMekhi Phifer
Jerry MarkovicAbraham Benrubi
Nurse Haleh AdamsYvette Freeman
Dr. VanDeerRobert David Hall
Dr. Rale (Female)April Stewart
Dr. Rale (Male)Quinton Flynn
Lorraine LaCostaAllison Levine
HankKim Strauss
Dr. KelnekGregory S. Baldwin
SenatorCharles Kahlenberg

Published and Developed by Legacy Interactive

Executive ProducerAriella Lehrer
Director of Product DevelopmentMichael Donges
Director of MarketingStephanie Johnson
Director of TechnologyRomesh Prakashpalan
Story/ScenariosGregory A. Faccone
DialogueGregory A. Faccone, John Deaver, Michael Donges, Lisa Zwerling (Dr)
Game DesignGregory A. Faccone
Additional Game DesignRichard Aronson, Michael Donges
ProducerMichael Donges
Lead DesignerGregory A. Faccone
DesignersPaul Callender, Richard Aronson, Jordan Edell
ScriptingCharles Zivko, Jesse Burneko
Lead ProgrammerRomesh Prakashpalan
Senior ProgrammerBeau Albiston
ProgrammerGina Le Tran
Lead ArtistMike Mangano
3D Artist (Characters)Jhoneil Centeno
3D Artist (Environments)Omaha Perez
ArtistRon Alpert
Interface DesignPaul Callender
Music and Audio DesignZak Belica (ZB Sound)
Original Design Concept/Technical ConsultantDave Taylor
Additional ProgrammingKerrigan Burgess
Production AssistantElizabeth Aronson
Quality Assurance LeadIan Dominguez
QA TeamColin Campbell, Jason Delgado, Jack Durishan, Marc Maraya, Iain Stasukevich, Niais Taylor, Morgan Todd
Medical ConsultantSamuel J. Finn (Dr)
Motion Capture ServicesMotioncity Studios
Audio ServicesSkylark Sound Studios, Salami Studios
Special ThanksThe entire WBIE team, John Wells Productions, Joe Sachs (Dr), Lisa Zwerling (Dr), Bendey Helper Impact Public Relations, Chrissy Deters, Michael Davis

John Wells Productions

Manager or TelevisionPhilip Ross
Medical ConsultantJoe Sachs (Dr)

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

ProducerDavid Abrams
Associate ProducersNick Torchia, Jason Ades
Senior ProducerGary Sheinwald
Director of ProductionJonathan Eubanks
Vice President of ProductionPhilippe Erwin
Marketing ManagerStephanie Johnson
Marketing CoordinatiorDavid S. Cohen
Director of Sales & MarketingScott Johnson
Senior Vice PresidentJace Hall
Special ThanksDebra Baker, Lisa Gregorian, Carolyn Hadfield, Ned Haspel, Don Hetsko, Gary Mednick, Shelagh O'Brien, Philip Ross, Rick Schwall (Dr), Susannah Payne Scott, Chris Selak, Remi Sklar, Vanessa Smart, Bonnie Spence, Soumya Sriraman, Andrew Stearn, Michael Steuerwald, Jeri Street, Michelle Sucillon, Peter Wanat, Randy Warner, John Wells, Nathan Whitman

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69779)