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Eraser Turnabout (Windows)

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Eraser Turnabout Credits

Developer - Imagination Pilots Entertainment

Game Executive ProducersHoward A. Tullman, Timothy D. Tennant, Daniel P. DiCaro
Game Created byHoward A. Tullman
Game Designed byHoward A. Tullman
Game Written byHoward A. Tullman
Game Creative DirectorDoug Heinlein
Game Film Directed byKen Berris
Game ProgrammersMichael W. Boeh, Simeon Peebler, Michael Udrow, Mike Welch, Larry Widing
Puzzle Design & DevelopmentSimeon Peebler, Mitch Gitelman
IPE Art DepartmentDoug Heinlein, Jon Gadsby, Jim McNally, Steve Scott, David Sutherland, Rob Wagner
Production DepartmentDan Fanelli, Mitch Gitelman, Jyotsna Murthy, Matt Regan
Digital Video & Post ProductionEli Brown, Matt Regan, Jyotsna Murthy
Sound DesignElliott Delman, Dan Fanelli, Simeon Peebler
MusicElliott Delman, Dan Fanelli, Simeon Peebler
Manual and Supplementary TextMitch Gitelman
Project AccountingElizabeth Waters

Los Angeles Cast & Crew

CastSal Viscuso (Brian Gill [Bartender]), Will Utay (Victor Rosenblum [Professor]), John Demita (Harry Reese), Michael Gregory (James Rahl), Jane Rogers (Priscilla Kent), Michelle Clunie (Grace Swanson), Samantha Mudd (Samantha Roarke [Technician]), Michael Brandon (Agent 1), Michelle Jones (Agent 2), Bruce Gray (Bruce McCord [Director]), Max Segar (Mr. Seymore), Robert Miano (File Clerk), Christopher Darga (Guard), Alec Murdock (TV Reporter), Michael Leopard (Blackmailer)
DirectorKen Berris
Director of PhotographySteven Moses
Production DepartmentBill Curran, Bonnie Lena
SetsNick Goodman
Art DirectionNick Goodman
Sound MixerDon Lusby
Wardrobe StylistLauren Berris
Wardrobe AssistantMontana Creekmore
Make‑upTamara Gold

Chicago Cast & Crew

CastKen Burroughs, John Carter, Jocelyn Don de Ville, G. Matthew Eyde, Joel Himelhoch, Jennifer Seymour, Ginia Zobel
DirectorHoward A. Tullman
Director of PhotographyJohn Wassel
GafferDavid Moravec
Camera TechMike Torchia
Video TechArt Halvorsen
Prop MasterDaniel Griffin
Production CoordinatorJyotsna Murthy
Technical DirectorMatt Regan
GripsTed Corso, Billy Barnes, George Leahy, Ron Leahy, Tim Armstrong, Zack Slovinski, Jim Ward, Brian Weiss

Special Thanks

The following people at Warner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentHolly J. Stein, Robin Altman, Jeremy Berg, Mark Narmore, Theresa McDowell
The following people at Intel CorporationHoward Jacob, Emilie Lengel, Narendar Sahgal, and their staffs.
Unicom Thermal TechnologiesMichael Bradich, Danny Derrig, Umberto Elizondo, Robert Helm, Isidore Jackson, Kevin Rose, Joseph Weber
Additional thanksThe Evanston Historical Society

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Credits for this game were contributed by Foxhack (12469)