Eric Young's Squad Assault: West Front Credits


Executive ProducersJohn Davidson, Eric Young, David Heath
Associate ProducerShaun Wallace
Design and DevelopmentEric Young
ProgrammingDavid Miller, Tom Kent, Jim Martin, Michael Hufnagel
Scenario DesignsEric Young
Art and GraphicsColin Whitney, Brandon Grada, Barry Whitney, Marc Schwanebeck, George Thanos, Andrew Bruce, Tom Lendabarker
Logo Art DesignMarc Schwanebeck
User Manual EditorMichael Eckenfels
Manual Layout and DesignMichael Eckenfels, Marc Schwanebeck
Music Composed byRobert Cole
Sound EffectsRobert Cole, David Heath, Ross Moorhouse, ArchAngel Productions
Voice ActingTim Catherall, Colin Whitney, Brandon Grada, Robert Cole, David Heath, Shaun Wallace, Frank Donati, Marc Schwanebeck, Ross Moorhouse, William Wilder, Brent Richards, Louis Jones, ArchAngel Productions
Video Design and LayoutRon Gretz, Marc Schwanebeck
Playtest CoordinatorShaun Wallace
PlaytestersPat Ceballos, Greg Cyrier, Peter Fisla, Tim Catherall, Markus Hofbauer, Benjamin Donaldson, Ross Moorhouse, Gary Olsen, Shaun Wallace, Stephen Whitmore, Matt Symoniak, Matthieu Vallee, Dennis Kozin, Wilf Thorne, Bjoern Tschanter, Steve Hutt, Graham Everingham, Ian Fernandes, Nicholas Lea, Mark Wolf, I. L. Tunis, Greg Cyrier, Kari Salo, J. Cole Pope, Kari Salo, Erik Conkling, Connor Wallace, Kial Wallace, Austin Stoltz, Andrew Heath, Nicholas Heath, David Heath, David Vebber, Tom Lendabarker
Web Site DesignMarc Schwanebeck, Shaun Wallace
ConsultantJack Thompson
We like to thank our following friends and family for their love support and understanding during this project.Kathy Young, Greta Davidson, Ava Marie Heath, Caren Wallace, Gino Gretz, Ute von Martial, Wendy Woodhouse, Karen Vebber
Our StrengthWe thank God for giving us the ability and strength to follow our dream
DedicationTo the fighting men who gave their lives for our freedoms.
Special Thanks toKari Thorsen

Rebel Games

Product ManagerPolyniki Varakli
Marketing ManagerChristoph K. Weidner
PRClaas Wolter, Nina Luckas
ManualSandra Bendig-Walbe
PlaytestersLucas van den Berg, Rene Engels

Dreamcatcher Europe

President and CEORichard Wah Kan
VP Business DevelopmentOlivier Pierre
Vice President and CFORoch Roustan
Executive ProducerGeorge Chastain Jr.
North American PR ManagerTara Reed
Marketing Director EMEASimon Vivien
Product Manager EMEAJohn Gordon
Junior Product Manager EMEAPhilippe Rapin
Marketing Coordinator EMEAFrédérique Barkoff
Artistic Director EMEAOdile Mousseau
Graphist EMEAHervé Daigmorte
Website EMEAEric Connille
Manufacturing Manager EMEABastien Lepetit
Localization ProductionChristine Gervillié, Yann Tisseyre, Thomas Neveu

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Yann Tisseyre, 29 other games
Bastien Lepetit, 28 other games
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Kathy Young, 25 other games
Thomas Neveu, 24 other games
Christine Gervillié, 22 other games
Jim Martin, 22 other games
John Gordon, 21 other games
Marc Schwanebeck, 19 other games
Andrew Heath, 18 other games
Nicholas Heath, 18 other games
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Robert Cole, 16 other games
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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (196353) and Kabushi (202602)