Written by  :  Pavan Shamdasani (3)
Written on  :  Apr 03, 2001
Platform  :  Windows

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One of the worst games ever made.

The Good

The fact that it's a Monkey Island game alone should excite anyone, and it did me. The return of the guy who voiced Guybrush from part 3 was rather good as well.

The Bad

Where to start? Once I heard that they were going to make it a 3D adventure type game, like Grim Fandango I started to worry. But, I still had faith considering it was a Monkey Island game, and they wouldn't let down their fans. Boy was I wrong. Not that I'm saying Grim Fandango was a bad game, I actually loved it, even though it did get boring at times. I just didn't like the graphics, and Monkey Island 4's graphics are even worse. Added to this, the whole perspective which we view Guybrush from seems really distorted and at a weird angle, which really annoyed me. But the most important aspect had to be the gameplay. Man this game bored me so bad I had to use a walkthrough for most of it. It was so...repititive. Considering that the creators were the guys who made Sam & Max and Maniac Mansion, I hoped for a lot more. Oh well.

The Bottom Line

Don't bother. Play Monkey Island 1-3, and forget they even made this one. With news of a Monkey Island 5 in production, I really hope Lucasarts puts their act together and brings back Ron Gilbert...although I doubt it. At least bring back the guys who made part 3 and revert the graphics back to either the style of 1 & 2 or the comic look of 3. Please.