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EuroCops Credits (Windows)

EuroCops Windows Loading screen


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EuroCops Credits

CrazyFoot Games

ProducersErik C. Pieters, Erik t' Sas, Jesse America
Head of MarketingErik C. Pieters
Product Planning and ManagementErik t' Sas, Damien van Diggele, Matthew Florianz
Art DirectionJesse America
Project LeadersDamien van Diggele, Harry Mills
ArtistsDamien van Diggele, Matthew Florianz, Daan Heuving, Jeroen Jansen, Bert-Jan de Weerd (Henk), Jasper Vermaas, Jesse America, Bart Wiltenburg, Romano Molenaar
AnimationDaan Heuving
Level DesignCoen Neessen, Damien van Diggele, Matthew Florianz
Lead ProgrammerHarry Mills
ProgrammingTeri Saks, Mark Lassche
Additional ProgrammingBrian Wren, Mark Lassche, John Blazey, Paul Kuijer
Voice ArtistsAlexander Schottky, David Child, Jorge Munoz-Ortiz, Leonid Vlassov, Mircha Ferrone, Yves Kengen
Recording SupervisorJesse America
Sound EngineerPaul Cupido
Recorded atStudio C72 [Hilversum]
Sound EffectsDamien van Diggele, Jeroen Jansen, Matthew Florianz
SoundMatthew Florianz
MusicMatthew Florianz
Additional SoundMarc Derell (www.marc-derell.com)
Additional MusicMatthew Florianz (www.matthewflorianz.com)
ThanksWe dedicate this game to all European police men and women, CroTeam, Nana Kinga, De GeluidsGod, Jasona Rodzika (Rodzilli), All at SeriousZone, Erika Wayne'a Tinberga, Families and friends for their patience and understanding, Grolsch Pils [In the name of beer! Amen!], Brian Eno (to reassure me when chaos reigned around), Davidoff Classics, Marc Derella (for your patience and creativity), People at Ingress for their hard work, The guy who brings our sandwiches at noon

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (393330)