Europa Universalis: Crown of the North (Windows)

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AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 2.0
Effectiveness How effective the educational game is when it comes to teaching (does the player actually learn anything, etc.) 2.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 2.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.0
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 1.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 4.0
Overall User Score (2 votes) 2.5

Critic Reviews

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Overall, there’s really not much of a reason that I would see an RTS fan not enjoying Europa Universalis: Crown of the North. It’s a fun and addictive title that will have you glued to the PC for hours at a time. It’s easy enough to get right into, but impossible to really master. Those of you who have to have a lot of action in your RTS titles may not have as much fun with the political aspect of the game, but it at least deserves checking out. Toss in the fact that you not only get the Crown of the North game, but also EU II with three new campaigns added and it is definitely worth the purchase price.
Europa Universalis has always been a bit of a secondary franchise in the United States, but it is easy to see its appeal worldwide. The gameplay is extremely fast paced, and while difficult to master at times, it does make for an extremely captivating experience. It isn't without problems, and will no doubt have limited appeal even to those looking for grand historical strategic gameplay. But for anyone wanting to unite the lands of the North in a constant real-time struggle, this is the best Europa yet.
Game Chronicles
The one factor that I love about this type of game is that you can either let the time lapse as normal (although I don’t think this is best) or you can speed it up a little so the unexpected can creep up and surprise you. I have been playing this game for many hours and expect to play for many more. If you like Age of Empires or Civilization then I would highly recommend purchasing Europa Universalis: Crown of the North.
Un jeu formidablement accessible par tous grâce à des tas de petits textes explicatifs à tous les niveaux. Maintenant si on n'est nullement embêté par l'interface qui est tout au service du jeu, on ne peut s'empêcher de trouver le titre très, trop, simple dans son déroulement. En somme, malgré les diverses actions à mener, on tourne un peu en rond. Europa Universalis aurait par exemple pu développer un peu plus l'aspect stratégique au niveau militaire, ce qui lui aurait donné un second souffle.
Worth Playing
So, that’s the final analysis here. Crown of the North is drenched in history and presented elegantly, but it’s a strat game for micromanagers and people with attention spans much longer than mine. I can see its appeal, but simultaneously don’t really find it appealing; we’ll call this one a draw at 7.0 and agree to disagree.
For $39.95, you get CotN, EU2, and three players mods of the latter. Such a deal, right? How can you resist? But I hope I've shown that the bargain is only skin-deep. CotN isn't a bad game so much as it is a bland one, lacking distinguishing features. Most of the diplomatic and trade options provided in EU and EU2 simply aren't there. It's also an awkward game to play, since there are neither map overlays nor lists displaying whom you're allies and enemies are at any given moment, out of 61 provinces and more than four dozen province rulers. The AI is quirky, the sound is awful, the music is repetitive, and the translations occasionally leave something to be desired...though not quite everything ended up translated.
And experienced Europa Universalis II players aren't likely to need the three user-created scenarios that are on the disc, since there are plenty of free scenarios on the Internet. As promising as some elements of Crown of the North are, it's too flawed to recommend.
Game Watcher
Buy it for EU: II if you really want too (or go get EU:II in a better package deal) but I would steer clear of EU: Crown of the North if you are in the market for a computer board game. If you want an excellent fun strategy board game in a great package, go buy a box of Cheerios with Computer Monopoly as freeware.
Meine Erwartungshaltung gegenüber dem vermeintlich dritten Teil der „EU“-Reihe war dementsprechend hoch. Etwas überrascht war ich dann doch, als sich der neueste Vertreter der Reihe als etwas seichterer Ableger entpuppte. Einmal tiefer ins Spiel eingestiegen wusste ich aber, dass die Intention der Entwickler wohl durchaus darin lag, ein etwas einsteigerfreundlicheres Programm zu entwickeln, das eine breitere Masse an Interessanten finden könnte. Meinen Segen möchte ich dem Spiel auf alle Fälle geben. Jeder Echtzeitstratege, der es mal etwas ruhiger angehen lassen will, ohne gleich ins rundenbasierte Genre zu wechseln, sollte sich das Spiel mal etwas genauer ansehen. Man wird sicherlich nicht enttäuscht. Was mich als Konsument hingegen wirklich maßlos ärgert ist die Tatsache, dass die deutsche Fassung zum einen um einen wirklich wunderbaren Mehrwert (Europa Universalis 2 Vollversion) beraubt wurde und dass zum anderen so sehr an der Ausstattung gespart wurde (PDF-Handbuch).
Computer Gaming World (CGW)
In the gaming world, few things exemplify corporate greed as well as poorly made expansion packs. Europa Universalis: Crown of the North falls squarely into this category. From start to finish, it is a poorly conceived, ill-executed, and time-wasting piece of coasterware designed to suck money away from both fans of the much-lauded series and unsuspecting newcomers.