Europa Universalis: Rome (Windows)

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Europa Universalis: Rome Credits

Paradox Interactive

ProducerJohan Andersson
Game DesignEveryone on the development team
Lead ProgrammerThomas Johansson
ProgrammingDan Lind, Anna Drevendal, Henrik Fåhraeus, Johan Andersson
Additional ProgrammingPontus Åberg, Adam Skoglund
2d ArtistJonas Jakobsson
3d ArtistMikael Olsson
Additional GraphicsMarcus Edström
TutorialJohan Andersson
Lead TesterChristopher King
Localisation ManagerSimon Aistleitner
President and CEOTheodore Bergquist
Executive Vice PresidentFredrik Wester
Chief Financial OfficerLena Eriksson
VP Sales & Marketing USReena M. Miranda
Director of PRSusana Meza Graham
Director of MarketingSusana Meza Graham
PRSofia Forsgren
MarketingSofia Forsgren
Product ManagerBoel Bermann
Operations ManagerJosefina Larsson

Creative consultants

Original MusicAndreas Waldetoft
Sound EffectsWave Generation
Logotype, Cover and layoutStefan Thulin
Poster mapMagnus Malmberg
ManualEd Hanks
EditingDigital Wordsmithing
WebMartin Ericsson
Marketing assets2Coats
LocalizationS&H Entertainment Localization

Beta TestersTom Adriaenssen, Anthony Ashbery, Jeff Barkhauer, Gustav Björklund, Niels Brons, Chanda Choun, Luis Miguel Nunes Corujo, Inge Davidsen, David DiCicco, Pablo Martín Domínguez, Rodolphe Duhil, Germán Rojo Eguren, Aric Ferrell, Christian Fuchs, José Maria Aguirre Garcia de la Noceda, Michael Girard, Yann Golanski, Ed Hanks, David Haskiya, Miha Hribernik, Kalle Isotalo, Alexander Keül, Marcus Kristensen, Julien Lejeune, George Lozier, Mark-Jan Luppens, Lewis Maskell, Fokke van der Molen, Daniel Pihan, Jason Pitruzzello, Daniel Ross, Even Sørgjerd, Jarkko Suvinen, Neil Thapen, Jeff Walsh
Thanks to all our partners worldwide, in particular long-term partnersElephant Entertainment [USA], Snowball [Russia], Koch Media [Germany & UK], Blue Label [Italy and France], Friendware [Spain], Paradox Scandinavian Distribution [Scandinavia], New Era Interactive Media Co. Ltd [Asia]
Last but not least, a special thanks toall our forum members, cooperation partners and supporters, who are integral for our success.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (132347)