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Advertising Blurbs

Inside of Box - Windows (US):

    Command your forces through to victory in the biggest military engagement the world has ever seen.

    • Germans swarm ashore near Dover

    West Front Battle Pack-“a tactician's dream come true -Computer Gaming World

    • Winter-camouflaged Russian forces attempt to liberate the town of Belgorod
    • “Linked” and “dynamic” campaign games
    • Panzer Commander scans the horizon for targets

    Sea Lion-“Churchill would have enjoyed it”

    Contributed by Fred VT (27019) on Aug 04, 2010.

Back of Box - Windows (US):

    The exclusive collection of TalonSoft's entire award-winning Campaign Series of wargames

    Europe in Flames represents the complete collection of TalonSoft's award-winning East Front and West Front wargaming Campaign Series - including all the official add-ons and expansion packs! Europe in Flames portrays intense platoon-level combat throughout World War II, on both the Eastern and Western Fronts from 1939 to 1945.

    Boasting over 290 scenarios of personal, up-close action across 20 linked, historical campaigns, Europe in Flames provides months of gameplay sophisticated map and scenario editors allow you to create your own battles from nearly a thousand equipment and unit types,a dding even more replayability.

    Defend Mother Russia against ruthless Nazi invasions or take command of the landing on the shores of Normandy – and much, much more. Europe in Flames is a perfect introduction to wargaming for beginners and an absolute necessity for the experts.

    Review scenario details and historical background

    Russian bridgehead on the Luga River preparing for and Axis counterattack.

    • Classic, turn based wargaming across two continents throughout World War II.
    • 290+ scenarios - from forging beachheads and river crossings to slugging it or in snow covered forests and racing across the burning African sands.
    • 20 linked, historical campaigns provide an interesting view of the conflicts as they began.
    • 18 dynamic hypothetical campaigns illustrate the “what-ifs” of the war.
    • Powerful map and scenario editors deliver an enormous amount of replayability.
    • Online Multiplayer support for up to 16 players on a LAN or over the internet! Modes include Head-to-Head, Play by Email, and Two-Player Hot Seat.

    We Make History

    Contributed by Fred VT (27019) on Aug 04, 2010.