European Super League

The "European Super League" mentioned in the game isn't a real competition, but could have well been. During the late 90s several European clubs were forming a lobbyist group to pressure the governing bodies to comply to their demands, such as a cut from profits in national competitions and higher prizes from European competitions. One of the ways to pressure UEFA was a threat to withdraw joining clubs (those you can see in the cover of the game) from European Competitions, and go head to head in television rights and advertising against UEFA. This was intensively discussed for a few months, with some believing such a competition was bound to happen someday, others seeing it as a way for the "big clubs" financially drying the "smaller clubs".

In the end, the project went nowhere (most believe the presidents of the major clubs involved - Real Madrid, Barcelona, Internazionale, AC Milan, Juventus, Bayern and Liverpool - never intended to do more than threat), the scenario of a split looming on over their headquarters forced UEFA to review financial prizes given to clubs in European Competitions, as well as increase the number of teams in the Champions League (the major club competition) to accommodate more teams from the "Big 5" nations. The G-14, said to be behind the idea (although denying it), was officially formed shortly after and became the largest club "think tank" group in Europe.


There is a small chance per match that a streaker will interrupt your game and run across the pitch. The developers put her in for their own amusement so it's not an advertised feature of the game. Has anybody seen her yet?

Information also contributed by Luis Silva

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