EverQuest: The Planes of Power Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The main view -- direction, lag, hot buttons, actions, music, target... all your important stuff.
The inventory screen, which shows what you're carrying, your money, and your character stats.
The spellbook, which allows you to memorize different spells, such as healing or cure poison (Minor Heal and Courage here).
This is one of the many shopkeepers in the Human city of Qeynos.
One of the Human guards, who will attack any bad guy I bring to him. Assuming he likes me, of course.
This large rat may not give good loot, but he's good for beginner characters.
See? Real easy. And all I got was one copper piece.
I just killed a snake and am looting him. Snake Scales and Jaws sell for a fair amount in Qeynos.
With the built-in music player, I can listen to my own songs.
My hit-to-dodge ratio sucks, which is why this bat constantly hits me and I constantly miss!
A battle between a PC (player character; you) and an NPC (non-player character). Look at that damage!
This is the main entrance to the city of North Qeynos.
Karana, in the Plane of the Storms
Rydda Dar, in the Hall of Honor
Lord Mithaniel Marr, ready to fight in the Halls of Honor
Bertoxxulous in the crypt of Decay
Fighting again Rallos Zek, in the Plane of Tactics.
Grummus on the Plane of Disease
Baelthorn, Born of Blood in the Doomfire, the Burning Lands
Terris thule, in Lair of Terris Thule, Plane of Nightmare
Manaetic Behemoth, in The Plane of Innovation
Plane of Tranquility, a good place where to rest after the Battle
Xegony The Queen, in Plane of Air