EverQuest: The Ruins of Kunark (Windows)

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EverQuest: The Ruins of Kunark Credits

Verant Interactive

EverQuest designed byBrad McQuaid, Steve Clover, William Trost, The EverQuest Team
ProducerBrad McQuaid
Associate ProducerAndrew Sites
Assistant ProducerMike Hutchins
Lead ProgrammerW. Roger Uzun
ProgrammerSteve Clover
Additional ProgrammersJohn Buckley, Milo D. Cooper, Eric Hagstrom, Vince Harron, Jacob Hawley (Creative Labs), Graeme Ing, Kevin McPherson
Lead ArtistScott McDaniel
ArtistsKevin Burns, Milo D. Cooper, Rick Johnson, Brandon McDonald, Rick Schmitz, William Trost
Additional ArtistsRosie Rappaport, Keith Parkinson, Richard Sjoberg
Lead World Builder/Game DesignerWilliam Trost
World Builders/Game DesignersKevin Burns, Bill Coyle, Sabrina Fox, Anthony Garcia, David Gilbertson, Travis Mason, Vu Nguyen, Ryan Palacio, Matthew Yaney, Geoffrey Zatkin
Additional World BuilderDoug Johnson
Map Insert & Manual ArtRick Schmitz
Testing Manager/Lead TesterRobert Hill
TestersJose Araiza, Jason Blitz
Technical CoordinatorJeff Bolaris
Customer Service ManagerJeff Butler
EverQuest Live TeamJason Polk, Joseph Russo, Thomas Wells
EverQuest Operations TeamTyler Sargent, Robert Hanz
Internet Relations ManagerGordon Wrinn
Assistant Customer Service ManagerCharles Flock
Lead Game MastersMarlon Barroquillo, Michelle Butler, Lynn Carrick, Mark Halash, David Jedd, David Nevala, Lydia Pope
Game MastersAlan Crosby, Jeremy Ellis, Daniel Enright, Corey Estoll, Steve Fraden, Amanda Flock, Chad Folz, Steven Fuller, Gary Grobson, Chad Haza, Rodney Haza, Javier Jimenez, Thomas Lockard, Gary Matthews, Robert Matzker, Kelsey McNair, Jason Montes, Karen Morrow, Bob Painter, Lawrence Poe, David Prestin, Robyn Rogers, Gary Sargent, Ester Ann Sauter, Todd Schmidt, Jake Smith, Jacob Thornley, Angelique Wagner, Eugene Wells
Tech Support ManagerThomas Terrazas
Tech SupportRobert Bautista, Luke Brody, Will Figgins, Monte Greene, Patrick Murphy, Chris Richard, Christopher Trichel
President & CEOJohn Smedley
Vice PresidentBrad McQuaid
Chief Technical OfficerRussell Shanks
Director of Sales & Channel MarketingDonald Vercelli
The EverQuest team would like to thank (in no particular order)Clint Worley, Kevin McCann, Brian Hook, Kevin Baca, Mark Botta, Shon Damron, Hunter Luisi, Marsha Gygax, Cris Calsada, Derek Quakenbush, Lisa Simpson, Robert Gehorsam, Robert Clark, Karla Schwarze, Tracy Schuhwerk, Kurtis Buckmaster, Josh Olson, Alan VanCouvering, Richard Garriott, J. R. R. Tolkien, Clive Staples Lewis, Robert Jordan, Roger Zelazny, David Eddings, Terry Goodkind, Jim Lee, SMP, M:TG, AD&D, Ultima Online, Meridian 59, Asheron's Call, all the great MUDs out there, the EverQuest Guides, the EverQuest guilds, the EverQuest fan sites[that don't post spoilers], the EverQuest beta testers, All the EverQuest fans out there[for the unwavering support that began over a year before release and continues onward], the countless others[ whom we've unintentionally forgotten yet have contributed nonetheless]
We would like to dedicate a special thanks to Mr.Kelly Flock (His vision; faith; twisted sense of humor and guidance have allowed us to achieve our dreams)

Sony Computer Entertainment America

ProducerHunter Luisi
Assistant ProducerMike Benton
Product ManagerLiz Boucher
Product MarketingRobin Jeffers, John Koller
Special ThanksKelly Flock, Jeffrey Fox, Michael Lustenberger, Howard Liebeskind, Helene Sheeler, Andrew House, Ami Matsumura-Blaire, Molly Smith, Marilyn Weyant, Vyn Arnold, Jennifer Gonzalez, Kevin Marburg, Nathan Carrico, Arne Cual-Pedroso, Shon Damron, Marcelyn Ditter, Christopher E. Sturr, Bob Johnson, Kristina Kirk, Elena McCoy, Otto Halboth, David Greenspan, Mimi Nguyen, Seth J. Steinberg, Sapphira Ng, Gigi Feril

Incan Monkey God Studios

Manual EditingDavid Ladyman, Melissa Tyler
Manual WritingTuesday Frase
Manual Design and LayoutJennifer Spohrer
Fiction Writing, Design and LayoutRaini Madden


ProducerAndrew Sites
Project LeaderW. Roger Uzun
ProgrammingJohn Buckley

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