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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.6
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.4
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.1
Overall User Score (7 votes) 3.4

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In total there are 19 gorgeous zones to explore, two of which are new planes with Bristlebane and Tunare as their gods. There is also a giant village that features a showdown with the god Rallos Zek (this guy is gonna piss you off, trust me). Verant definitely tried new things with this game, and for fans, this addition is nothing but good news with tons of high-level zones, 150 new armors, and tons of new weapons and items to collect. I know I’ll be online.
All in all, Verant has done it again with another expansion that continues to enrich the EVERQUEST experience. Creating an entire continent for players of level 30 and above addresses the shifting demographic of players on the servers, as this two-year-old game continues to mature with its loyal and growing player base. At the time of this writing (a month and a half after its release), still much of the new continent remains unmapped by the EVERQUEST community (as of this date, Plane of Mischief still hasn’t even been found), and many secrets are likely yet to be discovered. With SCARS OF VELIOUS, Verant has given its hardcore players a rich, generous slab of their favorite gaming addiction.
Velious enlarges and enriches the surface area of Norrath by 16 largish zones. Considering how much of the terrain consists of snow and ice, the designers deserve credit for providing as many permutations with that blue-white color scheme as can be imagined. EverQuest's visuals and sound design have always provided a marvelous sense of place, and this time out is no exception. When the arctic imps blow a hard wind from the north, you can almost taste the grit in the powdered snow.
PC Action (Mar 28, 2001)
Die zweite Erweiterung des Online-Rollenspieles Everquest bietet 16 optisch beeindruckende Zonen auf dem Schnee-Kontinent Velious. Unterirdische Städte, düstere Türme, Kristallkavernen und Eishöhlen erwarten Sie und locken mit Hunderten von magischen Gegenständen.
GameSpy (Dec, 2000)
Even with a few difficult zones and dangerous NPCs around every corner, Scars of Velious is an outstanding addition to the EverQuest universe and is a must-have for all hardcore players. With a ton of new items to be discovered and over a dozen zones to be explored and conquered, S.o.V. is going to keep the EverQuest community busy for many, many months. Those who are just starting out might want to wait until they're above level 30 before purchasing S.o.V., as the new zones would be more or less a suicide run.
PGNx Media (Sep 22, 2003)
Overall, Sony Online did it again with this expansion. The new areas, spells, items and monsters make it a worthwhile purchase for any EverQuest fan. The graphical and sound changes are noticeable and add more to the game. Another worthwhile expansion, if your character is up to snuff.
PC Joker (Dec, 2000)
Unter dem Strich also empfehlenswerte Herausforderungen, wunderschöne Grafik und vor allem mehr Gameplay-Dynamik für Everquest-Veteranen. Für Einsteiger entpuppt sich Velious allerdings als wenig mehr als ein riesiges Eisgrab.
GameStar (Germany) (Feb, 2001)
Mit dem zweiten Expansion-Pack hat Verant einen riesigen und motivierenden Abenteuerspielplatz für erfahrene Everquest-Veteranen erschaffen. Endlich wurde die angejahrte 3D-Grafik entstaubt. Daneben erfordern die gnadenlosen Bewohner der Velious-Dungeons völlig veränderte Gruppenstrategien. An den neuen Ausrüstungsgegenständen und Waffen finden auch abgebrühte Haudegen Gefallen. Hochlevelige Everquester, die die Spielwelt schon in- und auswendig kennen, werden um Scars of Velious nicht herumkommen.
Es war abzusehen: Die Stärke der Velious-Erweiterung ist auch gleichzeitig ihre Schwäche! Keine Newbie-Zonen, sondern alles ab Level 35 - das entspannt zwar sicherlich die Situation in den dichtbevölkerten Highlevel-Arealen Everquests, macht das Zusatzpack für Einsteiger und Mittel-Prächtige aber praktisch wertlos. Das Spiel selber ist natürlich nach wie vor Everquest und als solches das bisher wohl erfolgreichste Online-Rollenspiel aller Zeiten - und zwar keineswegs zufällig. Nichtsdestotrotz käme The Scars of Velious für mich als nur gelegentlicher Everquester nicht in Frage. Die schon etwas ältere Kunark-Erweiterung reicht mir einstweilen völlig.
GameSpot (Dec 12, 2000)
Players who meet these demands and who've already devoted a lot of their time to the core game will find that the new expansion is worthwhile, as its low cost will easily translate into hundreds of additional hours of gameplay. On the other hand, there's nothing about Velious to recommend the expansion to anyone who isn't already immersed in Norrath. Perhaps this is the key to the success of The Scars of Velious. It's clearly stated on the box that it isn't suitable for inexperienced players, while those who are experienced enough to explore the new lands it has to offer will certainly find these areas to be extremely challenging and rewarding.
Electric Games (Jan 10, 2001)
The Scars of Velious is a well-designed expansion for Everquest. It is aimed at mid-level players and requires much more strategy and teamwork than the original game or it's first expansion. Casual players who do not easily find groupmates or are not at least 35th level will not appreciate what Verant has done here. High level players looking for a big challenge, powergamers, and those in a large guild will get the most from it. It's visually very striking and very challenging to play. Bottom Line: New graphics effects and interface are excellent. The layout of the zones are designed to force the player to use much more strategy than before. The pack is for mid to high level players seeking a challenge. Low level or casual players will not get nearly enough, if any, benefit from this expansion.
I enter this review as an ex-EverQuest player. One who made it to level 22 before suffering from boredom. I can see the attraction and addictive qualities EQ has, but I don’t have the patience nor the time to make a life of it. The way I look at it, if this game is still around decades from now, my online persona is going to outlive me. So why should I play it? To be dead honest, the most enjoyment I garnered was hitting on EQ chicks and pissing off the pros. Even with striking new details within the environments and smooth NPC animations, Velious won’t lure me back. It’s still the same drab game that sucks away too much time before delivering anything significant. EQ players will love it, but I’ll never look at it again.
Génération 4 (Dec, 2000)
Scars of Velious n'est qu'une extension de type territoriale qui a des qualités mais n'est pas très novatrice par rapport à Ruins of Kunark.