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Evil Genius (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Evil Genius Credits

Developed by Elixir Studios, Ltd.

Lead ArtistBrian Gillies
ArtMatt Clark, James Hardingham, Anjali Jeyendran, Siku
Additional ArtMisja Baas, Chris Dawson, Aamar Rana, Colin Seaman
Senior AnimatorGrant Senior
AnimationWeles Bussett
Additional AnimationGraham Skinner
Audio DirectorRichard Joseph
AudioJames Hannigan, Malin Arvidsson
Lead DesignerSandro Sammarco
DesignMike Harman, Mike Rosser
Executive Designer and ConceptDemis Hassabis
Additional DesignIan James
Music ProductionJames Hannigan
MusicGeorge Alistair Sanger, Evan Jolly, Richard Joseph
OrchestratorsAllan Wilson, Oliver Ledbury
Orchestra ContractorPaul Talkington
Orchestral PerformanceThe Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra
Big Band PerformanceThe Gustav Brom Big Band
ConductorAllan Wilson
Session EngineerPeter Fuchs
ProducerPeter Gilbert
Executive ProducerAdrian Bolton
PR & MarketingMark Hewitt, Poppy Reeve-Tucker
Additional PRSimon Mathews
Lead ProgrammerAlex Thomson
ProgrammingAndy Mucho, George van den Driessche, Mark Sheehan, Mark Lynch, Ian Harper, Vicky Smalley
Additional ProgrammingMatthew Grounds
Senior TesterGerald Smith
Quality AssuranceAntoine Pepper (The Frenchman), Jon Mayer, Matt Martin, Payzin Elli
Voice TalentDeborah Owen, Adrian Carless, Irina Sonich, Louise Dahlstrom, Kim Petersen, David Newhook, Sandy Spangler, The Evil Academy of Performing Arts
Thanks toMark Hewitt (Chief Executive Officer), James Doornbos (Library Manager), Simon Green (Chief Technical Officer), Kristian Davies (Senior Systems Administrator), Sue Chapman (Office Manager), Nicola Crain (HR Manager), Paul Deakin (Additional Design), Jim Walker (QA Guru)

Published by Sierra Entertainment, Inc.

VP Product DevelopmentKelly Zmak
Executive ProducerBret Berry
ProducerMarcus Lindblom
VP MarketingKoren Buckner
Senior Brand ManagerLori Inman
Brand Manager, EuropeWilfrid Vinmer
Brand Manager, Asia/PacificEd Lim
Senior Public Relations ManagerAdam Kahn
Corporate CounselJames Riordan
Senior Corporate ParalegalKevin Crook
ParalegalPam Teller
Quality Assurance Project LeadMarc Nagel
Core TestersMichael Racioppi, Bryan Wilkinson, Michael Guillory, John Wilson, Brian Van Buren, Tharlie Richardson, Katrina Quan
Corporate Product CertificationNiko Simonson, Conan E. Chamberlain, Jason Furler
QA DirectorGary Stevens
Manual LayoutLauren Azeltine
Localization ManagerBarry Kehoe
Senior Project ManagerFiachra Synnott
Project ManagerJohn McGeary
Localization EngineerThomas Brophy
Audio EngineerDavid Fleming
QA LeadCecile Lars
Very Special ThanksJuliet Pitt, Shari Lindholm, Stephen Wickes, Robert Wharton, Dorothy Milton

Vivendi Games Europe

Senior Vice President - FinancesOlivier de Roquemaurel
Vice President Marketing EuropeJon Sloan
Marketing DirectorEstelle Dubernard
European Senior Product ManagerWilfrid Vinmer
Internation Senior PR ManagerSimon Maflin
Product Manager FranceGéraldine Breuil
Product Manager U.K.Scott Wood
Product Manager SpainAlfredo Gaudix
Product Manager GermanySonja Langhammer
Product Managers ItalyChiara Levratto, Federico Conflero
Marketing Director SwedenJohn Häll
Marketing Director NetherlandOlivier Spaargaren
Special Thanks toKarine Leberre (KK), Matthias Boudier
Publishing DirectorAnnick Decrop
PublisherLaurence Franchiset
Operations Director EuropeGilles Marion
Operations Deputy Director EuropeFabien Tisle
Europe Supply Chain ManagerJean-François Cayrafourcq
Supply Chain ProductmanagerMelissa Brown

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (245158)