ResearchContributed by Indra is stressed (20710) on Aug 26, 2007.

Research may only be conducted after you have successfully accomplished initial quests in the game (crime lord quests). After which, a new mission will emerge allowing you steal a research machine located in Japan. The research room will be unlocked after your complete this mission. The research panel will be unlocked after you have a research room with a research machine and a databank.

Question: "Why aren't my research minions researching anything?

Many possible causes to this:

  • Only scientists (and more advanced research minions) can conduct research. So if all your research minions are technicians, no research will be conducted. Technicians only help with research if a scientist is around.
  • Not enough "fit" research minions. There may be instances where all your research minions are "un-fit" to conduct research. Check their stats and make sure they have access to items to get them back in tip-top shape.
  • Reputation. It seems that you may only research items if your reputation reaches a certain level. So if suddenly you run out of items to research, send your minions to complete "Acts of Infamy" quests. The higher your reputation, the more items will be available to be unlocked.
  • Sometimes you run out of items to research. Some old items maybe researched several items depending on research equipment available, so don't throw out old items just yet!
  • Make sure you have bought all research items available for research.

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