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Evil Genius (Windows)

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Unique Minion: FreakContributed by Indra is here (19845) on Sep 04, 2007.

You eventually "may" find this out technically after defeating the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Superspy Dirk Masters (the one that looks like Rambo) where the information of this new minion type is available after you click on the defeated superspy. Now you can access it early in the game!

The Unique Minion: Freak is a non-trainable minion that may only be "recruited" by this process:

  • Possessing a research item: BioTanks (the one with the 3 containers of green liquid);
  • Use a body bag on the BioTanks.

    After doing so, a Freak will emerge from the BioTanks. The Freak is an insanely powerful minion. Doesn't do much, but it does fight very well. A Freak can hold its ground against a group of soldiers, so that pretty says enough.

    Note: You only may have a limited number of Freaks (2-3) at a time. Either its my imagination or they seem to de-compose (naturally die) a lot sooner than I expected (compared to other minions)...possibly due to the fact that Freaks cannot re-generate damaged stats.

    Images: (click image to see larger version)

    Check out the stats of the Freak. Impressive.

    Check out the stats of the Freak. Impressive.

    Use the bodybag on the Biotanks, and a new Freak will be born!

    Use the bodybag on the Biotanks, and a new Freak will be born!
    And the in-game Freak Rapsheet.

    And the in-game Freak Rapsheet.

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