Handling Critical In-Game Bugs/CrashesContributed by Indra is stressed (20731) on Sep 05, 2007.

So far I've noticed 2 major critical bugs (un-patched version me thinks) that practically crash your game. Both seem to only exist in the 2nd island base:
[1] Evil Genius dies instantly dies when loading game;
[2] Game crashes when quick-saving.

Ad.1. When this happens, please note which type of room the Evil Genius is located at. In my case, the Evil Genius seems to always die instantly when you save the game while he/she is located in the control room. So if you find a similar pattern in all of your save games, make sure to save your Evil Genius in different types of rooms just to make sure. Autosave mission #7 is saved at the beginning of island #2 just in case.

Ad. 2. In my case it only occurs when your are quick-saving directly after you are manipulating prisoners. Usually when using the Death Chamber which automatically kills an agent prisoner. So basically try to save the game before you imprison the prisoner (or while imprisonment), or wait until the agent turns into a body bag.

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