Evil GeniusContributed by Nick Waddington (1) on Aug 31, 2012.

Hi, all. Found something that's quite interesting and sets you up for the game financially. People probably found this out already, but it never hurts to let people know. The very first set of missions tells you to build a barracks, a control room, and to kill the investigators pooling around your island. Build your control room as normal, but make you barracks really large, buying about 4 beds for it, but practically filling it with lockers. The lockers make your minion availability go up. And as long as you don't kill all of the investigators then you don't progress in the game, so you don't get agents, tourists on your island, nor super agents on the world domination screen killing all the people you have out stealing for you. I think through pure luck, the investigators got trapped behind my lockers and tried punching their way through, but weren't doing any damage at all, effectively trapping them punching and kicking a locker for eternity. If you just set up a few confusing pop-up traps at your entrance, that should work, too. In total I sent 85 minions and my henchman (but you can send as many as you like) to the middle of North America to steal and they were bagging £20,000 every minute. I left the computer on overnight and had over £10,000,000 when I got to it in the morning.

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