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Evil Genius (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

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What a great gam...where did that !@!%@% bug come from...!? Indra is here (19699) 3.67 Stars3.67 Stars3.67 Stars3.67 Stars3.67 Stars

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Category Description MobyScore
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.6
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.1
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.4
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.1
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Overall MobyScore (22 votes) 3.6

The Press Says

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PIB (Programmer In Black)
This is a highly addictive and quite fun game. There is a lot of strategy in how to manage your minions, build your base, distribute the ill-gotten gains around the base. There is no single right or wrong path. My play style for this game has been on the slow and cautious side, whenever my heat starts attracting soldiers, I pull everyone back to base till things cool back down. Others may want to have a faster and more dangerous game and so will leave minions out in the world much longer.
games xtreme
All in all, it is an excellent game worthy of a better sequel. EG is replete with rooms, traps and fun things to do – it will keep you on your toes and provide endless hours of fun just torturing poor tourists.
Game Informer Magazine
There is no choice between good or evil - you are a moustache-twirlingly wicked as they come, and Evil Genius does an admirable job simulating all of the aspects I expect to come with supervillainy. All that's left now is to surround myself with sycophantic subordinates and practice my maniacal laugh. Personally, I'm a "Bwa ha ha" kind of guy, though the classic "Mwa ha ha" isn't without its charm.
I have a feeling that Evil Genius will get a lot of mixed reviews. Many reviewers won't spend enough time on it, or invest enough energy into it to realize how fun and addictive it can be. On the other hand, there'll be reviewers like me that'll tell you that, although the game suffers from various setbacks, it's still hella addictive and fun to play. Not to mention that the single-player campaign is HUGE, so you'll get hours and hours of fun from it. Evil Genius needs polish; it needs clearer mission objectives most of all, and then it needs to make some of its features more transparent. But investing time into it will be time well spent, or at least that's how I see it. This is a very subjective review and it's skewed by reviewer's affection for the game and fond memories of playing it for many a nights and days supposedly for reviewing purposes.
Everyone knows them, the super agents, the James Bond's, the Austin Powers', oh the jackasses. All of them have had only one purpose in life; making the lives of us, evil masterbrains of this planet, as miserable as possible. They do nothing with more fun than entering our clean neat underground bases and steal our stolen money and other nice objects. Nowhere can we feel safe. But all that has changed, it's finally time for us to hit back. We shall overcome ! As we are all "Evil Geniusses".
Game Informer Magazine
Taking over the world is something of a hobby with me, I've been doing it in games for over a decade now. The difference about doing it in Evil Genius is that it's so much more...well, evil. This title does an admirable job of making you really feel more demented than Dr. No.
Endlich darf ich wieder böse sein. Nur zu gern beraube ich fremde Länder ihres Geldes und sperre feindliche Agenten in meine Vulkan-Basis. Wann darf ich so was schließlich im echten Leben? "Evil Genius" ist ein Volltreffer, der nur wenige Schwächen aufweist. Einige Spieler könnte allerdings das schrille Ambiente abschrecken.
PC Action
Anders als in amerkanischen Gefängnissen ist Folter in Evil Genius lustig und nützlich. Zwar kupferte man das Grundprinzip von Dungeon Keeper ab, Laune macht's aber trotzdem, einen ambitionierten Imperator zu mimen und seine Untergebenen hin und her zu hetzen. Warmduscher wie mich stört es, dass Evil Genius zeitweise so schwer wie Japans Sumo-Nationalmannschaft zusammen ist. Und auch die Fallen fallen auffallend (ahhhh) kompliziert aus. Hier fehlt etwas Feinschliff. Trotz der Kritik erwartet Sie ein komplexer und stimmiger Strategietitel.
PC Gameplay (Benelux)
Uw kans om Dr. Evil te spelen. Wereldheerschappij, martelwerktuigen, kernbommen, Evil Genius heeft het allemaal.
PC Games (Germany)
1997 durfte man in Dungeon Keeper wundervoll böse sein. Evil Genius spielt in einer ähnlichen Liga und ernennt Sie zum Chef-Bösewicht in einem überzeichneten Flower-Power-Szenario: Da wären der Wirtschaftsmogul Maximilian, die schöne Millionenerbin Alexis und Shen Yu, dessen kühles Gemüt Klimaanlagen überflüssig macht. Für welchen Sie sich auch entscheiden, die Wahl Ihres Fieslings bedient hauptsächlich Ihre optischen Vorlieben und beeinflusst den Spielablauf kaum.
Evil Genius is a great idea for a game, and by and large, Elixir have been very successful in translating that experience into a successful product. There are issues however, but the good far outweighs the bad and it's difficult not to become engrossed in the game; the new fiendish traps and items that appear as you progress are worth the time to see. So, if you have ever felt like becoming a sadist madman, hell-bent on taking over the world, then this game is ideal solution, and comes without the risk of jail time. If not, give it a go anyway, and enjoy one of the freshest takes on a management game in ages.
The bottom line is this: Evil Genius brilliantly manages to capture that elusive "let me do one more thing" feeling that make six hours slip by without your even noticing. In my review of Republic: the Revolution, I said that that despite some missteps, Elixir was a developer to watch, and Evil Genius bears that out. While not perfect, Evil Genius is a whimsically fun strategy title, and makes me even more eager to see what Elixir comes up with next.
GameStar (Germany)
Filmbösewichte finde ich meist interessanter als ihre guten Widersacher. Und es tut mir immer leid, wenn James Bond am Ende seiner Filme alles kaputt macht. Das wird meinem Evil Genius nicht passieren! Die Eingänge meiner Basis sind vollgestopft mit Fallen. Innen patrouillieren bewaffnete Wachleute, und meine erfahrenen Handlanger nehmen es auch mit Superagenten auf. Derart gesichert kann ich furchtlos durch meine Festung wandeln, meinen wuselnden Gefolgsleuten zusehen und in fernen Ländern bizarr-komische Verbrechen verüben lassen. Gelegentlich näselt Maximilian dabei "Wunderbar!". Und genau das ist Evil Genius: Wunderbar.
Armchair Empire, The
Establishing and maintaining a worldwide criminal network is no easy business. After all you have to recruit minions to do your maniacal bidding, commit crimes to get your name on the Top Ten list at MI6, and build a carefully planned underground lair complete with training rooms, mess hall, barracks, and control room and eventually build a doomsday machine. Evil Genius (EG) demonstrates what it would be like to own and operate a criminal syndicate - albeit a criminal syndicate stuck in a comic book set in a fantastical vision of the 1960’s.
Evil Genius is carried by presentation. The art is witty and very detailed. Animations are wonderfully diverse, humorous and skilled. Music and sound are extremely good throughout. And the ideas behind the game are something that I can sit down and take a meaty bite out of. Unfortunately, the gameplay doesn't hold up to it's end of the bargain. Had there been more interactivity with during acts of infamy on the World Domination Map, less micromanagement for taking care of enemies, more information passing between the map and the base screens, and more useful information about why things happened the way they did, Evil Genius really could have been genius... but in a good way.
Game Chronicles
Evil Genius seems to have been designed itself by an evil genius. A person with above average abilities in the graphics department but a sadistic, or evil, urge to make gameplay very irritating and proceed at a snail‘s pace. I played the demo and had very high hopes for the full game, hopes that just weren’t realized. Evil Genius was a great idea, looks good, but was just drown by the rules and constraints of the system.
Game Revolution
Evil Genius is the rare success of style over substance. It has everything an Austin Powers movie offers, but draws it out over twenty hours instead of two. There are sparks of genuine delight that make you wish the game was balanced better. In the end, Evil Genius left me well shaken, but not stirred.
GameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands)
Alhoewel origineel van concept, vinden we dat Evil Genius hier en daar wat frustrerende momenten heeft. Dit ligt vooral aan de Artificiële Intelligentie van je volgelingen, die soms maar wat staan te lummelen - terwijl jij een overbezette agenda hebt. Ook hebben je trawanten een ingebakken neiging tot zelfmoord en doen ze regelrecht domme dingen in bepaalde scenario's. Maar gelukkig, eens de aardkluit de jouwe is, is dit effect zo bevredigend dat alles wat ook maar zijdelings naar frustratie neigde, in rook opgaat!
Evil Genius is surprisingly successful for being so focused on style over substance, but ultimately, the indirect method of controlling what goes on in your lair is more a source of frustration than a solution for avoiding micromanagement. This is particularly apparent when the minion artificial intelligence does brain-dead things, like sending highly trained, unarmed scientists and diplomats out of the base's protection to pick up bodies that are accumulating outside in a war zone. There are relatively few tools for controlling minions' occasional urges for self-destruction--it can come down to thinking ahead enough to lock the doors before they leave. Also stealing some of the satisfaction of having the world at your fingertips is the campaign's irregular pacing and the lack of a fast-forward key. Fortunately, when you do accomplish the more notorious acts of infamy, it's enough to make evil aspirations worthwhile.
70 (UK)
Indeed, even as we sit here picking over the carcass, we're not actually all that angry about the things that are wrong with the game. They're bad on paper, but they didn't interfere hugely with our having fun - a sure sign that that Evil Genius overcomes its flaws and ultimately satisfies. Building an evil empire is a good idea, and the way Elixir's constructed the game is thoughtful, enterprising and occasionally inspired. It may be a few orbital lasers short of true genius, but, unlike Republic, Evil Genius it's a sure sign that Elixir's capable of turning creative spark into a satisfying end product. Which is why we're suddenly very interested in what the team does next.
Ultimately, Evil Genius is just an average game. It started out strong, but then it simply lost steam toward the end. Maybe it wasn’t drinking enough water on this run or maybe it was simply the total lack of direct control and the limited perspective of any event happening off your tiny island. In any case, the game managed to give me a small, though ultimately fleeting, taste of being a crazy, world-dominating freak. Had the game allowed more control over the daily operations and possibly a more fleshed out world interaction mode, things would have been so much sweeter. Evil Genius had the humor, had the atmosphere, and was built with evil in mind, but it unfortunately just fell a bit short.
Truffé de bonnes idées, Evil Genius n'arrive pas aux bouts de ses ambitions. Pénalisé par une jouabilité aussi rigide que le fer, le jeu impose une certaine rigueur à son utilisateur. Rigeur dont on se serait bien passé pour profiter pleinement de l'humour savamment distillé à mesure que la notoriété de l'Evil Genius augmente.
Joystick (French)
Un bon concept et une réalisation très correcte malheureusement gâchés par un tas de petits détails agaçants qui transforment ce jeu original en une prise de tête à répétition. Dommage, car quand on arrive à oublier ces complications inutiles, c'est plutôt sympa.
GameCell UK
It’s all a bit of a shame because the game is genuinely quite amusing to watch. Though the graphics are fairly simplistic and cartoonish, the daft, camp style fits like a glove, it sounds great and watching your henchmen beat up and interrogate fat housemaids and seeing enemy agents meet their maker in extravagant ways is a blast. There are other complexities too, such as the continuing development of your minions who can have diverse uses within their Military, Social and Science divisions, and it’s their animations that are endlessly watchable in that ‘Sims’ kind of way. But at the end of the day Evil Genius just isn’t evil enough. Being a criminal mastermind is the product of a great, dark ambition, something that on certain fronts was clearly lacking in this game.
UOL Jogos
Quando tudo está funcionando, é um prazer enorme descobrir todas as piadas e minúcias de "Evil Genius". Mas o game conspira tanto que muitas vezes a vontade maior é sair do jogo. Parece que, pelo menos por enquanto, as forças do Bem sairam triunfantes.
Tap-Repeatedly/Four Fat Chicks
I want so badly to give this game a good review, but it commits the one crime I cannot forgive: for lack of testing, for clumsiness and laziness on the part of its designers, it is but a glimmer of what it could be. Evil Genius is the well-intentioned but desperately flawed sophomore offering from Elixir Studios, the British developer responsible for 2003's well-intentioned but desperately flawed Republic: The Revolution. In this its second game, Elixir channels the spirit of Dungeon Keeper 2, inviting us to play as a wicked mastermind in the campy world of sixties-ish spy movies. You will build an underground lair, conduct criminal activities across the globe, construct a doomsday device, and ultimately bring all the world under your megalomaniacal control. But where Dungeon Keeper 2 was graceful, elegant, superbly tuned—possibly the perfect RTS—Evil Genius is clumsy, boorish, frustrating, and frankly not worth the price of admission.
Computer Gaming World (CGW)
Evil Genius could have been great. Instead, it’s a near miss—a great idea poorly presented and inadequately explained. And that ain’t my bag, baby.
C’est bien connu, être un génie, c’est dur à vivre. Manque de reconnaissance, exclusion de la sphère sociale, salaire de stagiaire. Rapidement, on se découvre des penchants pour la trahison, le complot, la tyrannie. Jusqu’au jour où une mystérieuse galette arrive entre vos mains. Sous un nom empruntant à la fois du latin et de l’anglais (c'est ça, la culture), le mystérieux objet promet de vous transformer en génie du mal. Grâce à ce simulateur de base secrète, vous pourrez fomenter les actes les plus ignobles, caché au fin fond de votre île secrète : kidnapping de belle-mères, terrorisme de supérette, et même corruption de vrais agents secrets. Rien ne vous arrêtera, et bientôt, c’est promis, le monde sera entre vos mains.