Advertising Blurbs

Discovery website:
    In this intense, challenging strategy game, you begin as one of the earliest amphibians to crawl onto land, competing against up to five computer or human (networked) opponents to evolve the first intelligent species (and that doesn't have to mean Homo sapiens!). If all goes well, in 360 million years or so (4-6 hours of playing), you will beat your opponents to evolve the first intelligent species.

    Contributed by jean-louis (32080) on Jul 12, 2015.

Print advertisement - PC Player 11/1998:


    "... funktioniert wie SIM EARTH ... nur besser"
    Joe Nettelbeck,
    Power Play 4/98

    Features für PC/CD-ROM:
    - Komplett in Deutsch
    - Single-Player-Modus oder bis zu 6 Spielern im Netzwerk
    - Über 130 3D-animierte Creatures - Kontinuierliche Veränderung des Terrains
    - Naturkatastrophen wie Vulkanausbrüche, Meteroiteneinschläge, Eiszeiten, Erdbeben...
    - Gerenderte Zwischensequenzen
    - Soundtrack und Sound F/X
    - WIN 95 only

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (198868) on Jun 21, 2010.

Back of the Box - Windows (US):
    Before civilization... there was EVOLUTION.

    More than 630 million years ago, life crawled out of the ocean. Yesterday, a hairless plains ape learned to talk and make fire. Welcome to EVOLUTION, where life evolves at breakneck speeds of 30,000 years per second!

    You are thrown into this evolutionary maelstrom. To survive, your creatures must fight feroiciously and strategically to evolve into intelligent life. You battle up to five other players, attacking them, crowding them out of prime feeding ground and striving to grab key positions on the Tree of Life. As if your opponents aren't challenge enough, the earth itself is in constant flux. Continents drift and collide; glaciers advance and retreat; comets and asteroids strike the earth; enormous volcanic eruptions spew lava in all directions; supernovae irradiate the world. Can your creatures thrive or will competitors and the elements wipe you out?

  • View more than 160 3-D rendered fully animated species.

  • Play across the whole planet--from pole to pole.

  • Experience infinite replayability with randomly generated worlds, as well as an "historical earth" scenario.

  • Access a bestiary with information on all the creatures and the evolution of life on land.

  • Deal with disasters. Lead your species through asteroid impacts, ice ages, and massive volcanism.

  • Compete against up to five players over a network.

  • Watch and plan as maps move and evolve throughout the game. Continents collide and form mountains, sea levesl rise and fall, and climates change.

    Contributed by Greg Costikyan (18) on Feb 21, 2000.