Evolva Credits (Windows)

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Evolva Credits

Developed by Computer Artworks Ltd

Technical DirectorMark Atkinson
Creative DirectorWilliam Latham
ProducerVince Farquharson
Lead ProgrammerRik Heywood
Lead ArtistKarl Wickens
Lead DesignersMark Atkinson, Vince Farquharson
ProgrammersMichael Braithwaite, Chris Jones, Jon Robinson, Diarmid Campbell, Alan Hinton, Geraint Johnson, Dave Griffiths
ArtistsKafat Lam, Alex Scarrow, Peter Clayton, Andrew Curtis
Music & Sound EffectsKeith Tinman
Additional ProgrammingAndy Bigos, Asim Naseer, Colin Neilens
Additional ArtJeff Goslan
Additional DesignAndrew Curtis, Alex Scarrow
Character DesignerMirza-Javed Baig
Marketing DirectorCarolyn Seager
Office ManagerVicky Morris
Thanks ToSheryl Seitz, Robert De Niet, Daniel Poole, Stephan Todd

Published in Europe by Virgin Interactive

Vice President of DevelopmentJoss Ellis
Executive ProducerPaul Whipp
Head of PRAllison Grant
PR Manager ‑ GermanyIngo Horn
Marketing GermanyNathali Schrader, Heiko Kaspers, Tahsin Avci
PR Manager ‑ FranceAnne Karine Denoble
PR Manager ‑ SpainTeresa Nunes
PR ‑ UK SpecialistDanielle Woodyatt
Product ManagerLouise Gaynor
QA ManagerPhilip McDonnell
Lead TesterTim Wileman
SecondDrew Waldegrave
Test TeamCarlos Gesto, Shey Crompton, Mike Wall, Chris McMahon
Thanks ToMatthew Shanley, Robert Paul, Clifford Harry, Jane Ahmed, Peter Jones, David Casey, David Walker, Jon Brooke

Published in the US by Interplay

Division DirectorBrian F. Christian
ProducerSteve Baldoni
Director of MarketingDebbie Howell
Product Marketing ManagerKevin Johnston
Public Relations ManagerHeather McLaughlin
International Marketing/PR ManagerKelly Crosland
Marketing Promotions CoordinatorGina Cabrera
Traffic ManagerBrian Harkins
Director of QAJeremy S. Barnes
QA ManagerGreg Baumeister, Dave Simon
QA Project SupervisorTimothy Anderson
Senior QA TestersTony Piccoli, Henry C. Lee
QA TestersLawrence Smith, Donnie Cornwell, Devin Vink, Hector Espinoza, Damien Foletto, Matthew Golembiewski, Mark Holtzclaw, Erik Hernandez, Donald Ramakers, Erik Markham
QA Compatibility ManagerDarrell Jones
Compatibility TechniciansJonathan Darke, Derek Gibbs, Joshua Walters, David Parkyn
Thanks ToBrian Fargo

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