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Written by  :  Peter Harband (4)
Written on  :  Nov 08, 2004

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Offbeat game that does allot of things right

The Good

Interesting premise. Being able to mutate your squad as you like to solve puzzles and fight monsters is allot of fun. There are so many combinations to chose from that you will never run out. There is also excellent AI for your mutants and very nice graphics in spite of this being an older game. Boss creatures are cool and challenging.

The Bad

Campaign is only 12 missions long and is linear. Although you can go through it again with other mutations, more missions or an expansion would have given it more legs.

The Bottom Line

Evolva is a squad-based combat/puzzle game. You land on a planet infested with genetically altered monsters and attempt to take it back. The only weapons and powers that you can use you have to absorb from the animals you kill. After killing one your squad absorbs its genes. You then can go to the mutate screen and change your squad as desired.The manual says there are over one million combinations! You have to mutate correctly to solve puzzles too. Like being able to jump farther and break barriers. You control any one of your four mutants in your squad and the others are controlled by the AI. I was impressed by the AIs ability both in battle and in its path-finding. It knows when to switch attacks, and will retreat when the odds are bad. A good offbeat game that now can be found for a few bucks.