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Advertising Blurbs

    After the resounding success of Excalibur 2555AD on the PlayStation, PC owners will now get the chance to see why Edge magazine proclaimed that it '...could well do for 3D action adventures what Tomb Raider did for 3D platformers'.

    The legendary sword of Excalibur has been stolen by raiders from the future. Only one person has the power to avert the catastrophic chain of events that will occur of the sword is not retrieved - that person is you.

    Take on the role of Merlin's humble apprentice as he sends you into the future equipped only with a trusty broadsword and limited spellcasting ability. Will you fight your way through the multiple levels of the city of Salto, or choose to be more cautious and attempt to talk your way out of any tricky situations you find yourself in? Communicating with the local inhabitants may prove useful in some situations as information has a price far lower than you might think.

    With a 3D engine that makes use of the new breed of 3D accelerator cards and a fully light-sourced gaming environment Excalibur 2555AD immerses the player into the world of Salto completely.

    Running in 16-bit colour, Beth and the locals take on a chilling realism that, coupled with the superb light-sourcing, helps to provide an atmosphere that is quite unlike any other game in this genre. Combining the best elements of RPG's and the urgency of classic arcade adventures, Excalibur 2555AD launches onto the PC in October.

    • Over 300 locations, complete with over 50 different characters
    • Realistic lighting effects give an un-matched feeling of 'being there'
    • Optimized to make use of the new breed of 3D accelerator cards, including the 3DFX and Voodoo chipsets
    • Full speech throughout the game
    • Hand to hand combat, armed combat and spell casting all feature heavily in the game
    • Intriguing puzzles that will test your brain power as well as your sword arm

    Contributed by Jeanne (76593) on Jan 28, 2008.

Play Magazine (May, 1997):
    The Future Is About To Become History


    A totally unique and ground-breaking adventure, combining the best graphical elements of Tomb Raider and the atmosphere, depth and playability of The Legend of Zelda.

    Plus, massive panoramic 3D environments and intricate consuming puzzles make Excalibur 2555 AD an absolute epic.

    Featuring: over 200 massive locations, 80 fully talking characters, incredible realistic light-sourcing, intriguing puzzles and hand-to-hand combat.

    "...could well do for 3D action adventures what Tomb Raider did for 3D platformers" - EDGE

    "...has atmosphere in spades" - PlayStation Plus.

    Contributed by Apogee IV (2331) on Dec 31, 2006.

Advertisement in PC Games, December 1997 (German):

    Phantastisches 3D-Adventure mit magischen Mysterien, fesselnder Atmosphäre und packender Action.

    Der Ort: Ein unterirdisches Reich - weit, weit weg von hier.

    Die Zeit: Damals, als die Menschheit noch unter der Erde lebte - und Morgen, wenn sie wieder unter der Erde leben wird.

    Das Problem: Das magische Schwert Excalibur wurde von finsteren Rittern in die Zukunft entführt. Kann es nicht zurückerobert werden, droht eine Katastrophe.

    Die Handlung: Beth, die Gehilfin des Zauberers Merlin, wird in die Zukunft geschickt, um Excalibur zurückzuholen. Auf dem Weg durch die zahlreichen Level der unterirdischen Stadt begegnet Sie mysteriösen Gestalten und muß viele Abenteuer überstehen. Bei manchen hilft ihr ihr Schwert, für andere braucht sie ihren Geist.

    Die Technik: Eine atemberaubende 3D-Technik mit realistischen Lichteffekten gibt ein unübertroffenes Gefühl des "Dabeiseins". Über 600 Standorte und mehr als 80 verschiedene Charaktere sorgen für unzählige spannende Stunden. Komplett deutsche Version.


    Contributed by Xoleras (66884) on Feb 27, 2005.

    You are Beth, transported to the future. You know nothing about where you are or who you will meet. Using your skill and patience, you must find Excalibur and return to the time from which you left.

    The future is about the become history.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66884) on Dec 16, 2004.