Excalibur 2555 AD Credits (Windows)

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Excalibur 2555 AD Credits

Original Design

ProgramingBill Pullan, Peter Featherstone, Alan Latham
GraphicsGeoff Wilson, Russ Daff, Karl Riley, Andrew Crawshaw
Music byPaul Simmons
Sound Effects byChristopher J. Denman

Windows 95 Conversion

Lead ProgrammerJoe Booth
ManagementJoe Booth
Support ProgrammerChris Eden
3D ProgrammerNick Tuckett
16‑Bit RenderersPhill Demoore
8‑Bit RenderersThe Software Refinery Limited
ProducerGraham Morley

Telstar Electronics Ltd. Publisher Credits

Lead TesterIan Gray
TestersDanial Belcher, Alexis Holmes

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