The Exchange Student: Episode 1 - First Day in Sweden Credits


CastJohn Bell (Emilio/Pippo/Tourist/), Giovanni Noto (Vincenzo), Lara Parmiani (Laura), Annè Miller (Imaginary Sarah), Malin Thorsèn (Sarah), Irene Tuomainen (Frida), Julie Bataille (Michelle), Johan Lindqvist (Jonas), Juan Carlos Bermudo (Pedro/Miguel)
Story Written byDimitris Manos
BackgroundsWilliam L. Eaken
AnimationsDave Rigley
CharactersDave Rigley
ProgrammingSteven Watts
Copy ProtectionDaniele Cerolini
DirectionDimitris Manos
Weather EffectsDave Rigley
GUIDave Rigley
MusicFlying Hands Music, Opuzz, Sounddogs
Sound EffectsSoundrangers
Beta TestersArtur Moskala, Aurelien Vandoorine, Sam Kerracher, Sébastien Bouchta
Special Thanks toWilliam V. Tiller, Dimitris Manos (the elder), Christos Tsimberis, Michalis Manos, Vasiliki Manou, Artur Moskala, Al Lowe, Mark Darin, Tibor Veres

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (506100)