Exodus from the Earth Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The main menu. The background is a rotating view of one of the game's maps, with a security patrol and a giant satellite dish on the coast.
Intro. Our hero, tough-talking Frank Rixon and this is probably the only time you'll see him without his mirrored sunglasses.
Intro. Mr. Crizby, head of the A.X. Corporation, the most powerful man on Earth, and already he looks a bit... odd.
Frank arrives at the A.X. Corporate HQ, ready to start his 'investigation.'
Inside the lobby
Talking with a disgruntled worker
Bob and Jack. These guys work for the Corporation, but they're on your side.
The first weapon you'll receive is the trusty fire-axe.
Inside the A. X. Corporation's headquarters on earth, where the first part of the game takes place.
Jumping puzzles in the industrial zone.
Container warehouse.
The game features driving sections with an armed vehicle.
The A. X. planet. You need to wear an oxygen mask at the planet surface.
Communications center of the A. X. planet.
Mines on the A. X. planet. Here the minerals are extracted which are needed for a mysterious vaccine.
Cutscene: showdown with A. X. leader Crizby.
Cutscene: the cyborg is Crizby's ultimate weapon.
Intro - sun is now very dangerous
Intro - game action is in future
Axe effect
Close combat
Game Over
Ladder is blocked
Enemy is dead... but I too.