Expert Pool Credits (Windows)

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Expert Pool Credits

Visual Sciences

Managing DirectorRussell Kay
Technical DirectorRichard Swinfen
Executive ProducerKlaude Thomas
Project LeadRichard Swinfen
Lead ProgrammerMathew Hendry
Lead ArtistGeoff Gunning
Producer & Lead DesignTrevor Gamon
ProgrammersAlan Savage, David Radford, Peter Warden, Richard Airlie, Mark Green
Senior Graphics ProgrammerStuart Capewell
Graphics ProgrammerChristopher Harrison
ProgrammerColin Miller
Character Modeler/AnimatorGregor Maltman
ArtistsMark Ireland, Gary McAdam, Irina Rohvarger, Alan MacFarlane
AnimatorRachel Bradley
Musician & Sound TechnicianBarrie Gunning
Additional Guitar WorkVelvet 2000
Live BrassJohn Tonner
TestersCraig Scott, Stuart LeFebvre
Office ManagerCharles W. Smith
Directors P.A.Elaine Stewart
Network AdministratorGraeme Marsh
Clerical AssistantKristeen Nicoll

Psygnosis Ltd.

ProducerLeo Cubbin
Producer Post ProductionPaul Evason
Central Product DevelopmentClaire Garvie
Tournament CommentarySteve Tipton
Trick Shots and Training VoiceoverGlen Hendrickson
Additional VoicesTom Hill, Lorelei King
Recording FacilitiesUS WKNO - Memphis Tennessee, Nuts & Boltz Commercials - Navato California, Seagate Recording Studios - Dundee, UKLBS ‑ Stockport Cheshire, Psygnosis Sound Department
Recording EngineersMichael de Belle, Mike Brown, John Symonds, Joel Hurd, Ron Boltz
TestPaul Moreton, Paul French, Gary Bird, Arthur Parsons, Stuart Williams
Thanks toRichard Biltcliffe, John Rostron, Steven Riding, Dawn Paine, Ken Barlow, Michael Johnson, The Billiards Congress of America Official Rules and Records Book

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (75363)