Extreme Boards & Blades Credits (Windows)

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Extreme Boards & Blades Credits

Silverfish Studios

DirectorJason Odom
PresidentJason Odom
Lead ProgrammerDavid Rutherford
Art DirectorDan Pool
AnimationDan Pool
ModellingDan Pool
Assistant ProgrammingMike Giacomo, Jason Odom, Anthony Cowley
Level DesignJason Odom, Justin Durr
Sound FXDan Pool, Jason Odom
TexturesEric Cherry
SkinningEric Cherry, Jay Soren, Zack Coddington
In Game Sound Track byPFERD
Menu Music byJason Odom (Bleed)
Special Thanks toPeter Karvonen (Faith Skate Supply), Dale Campbell (Ramp and Speed Skate Park), Chris Lambert, Lucas Ackerman, fritz Studios, Keith Goodwin, Shea Goodwin, Scott Looney, Mike Herald (PFERD), V. Andre Lowe, Joe Wilcox (from Creative Carnage)

Head Games Publishing

ProducerMarc Struhl
Box DesignTrevor Harveaux
Misc ArtTrevor Harveaux
ThanksDanny Hammett, Chad Koehler, Terry Desanctis, Mitch Norton, Charmaine Klohe, Jamie Harris, Jay Carling King IV, Jason Delamater, Jeremiah Conlon, Ryan Merriman, Peter Eckert
Special ThanksBradford Licensing, Nicole Iozzi, Kimberly Albert, Powerbar, Wendy Smith, Samantha Hammett, Timmary Hammett, Billy Hammett, Patrick Hammett, Joseph Hammett


QA Project LeadNadine Theuzillot
Sr. QA LeadCurtis Shenton
QA TestersGreg Didieu, Angelo Federizo, Alex Lei, David Sims, Tom Osborne, Michael Pierce
QA Compatibility LeadJohn Fritts
QA Compatibility TestersJennifer O'Neal, Sam Nouriani, Chad Siedhoff
QA Special ThanksJim Summers, David Arnspiger, Jason Wong, Todd Komesu, Indra Yee, David Baker, Tanya Langston, Jimmy Hudson III
QA Ext. Test CoordinatorEmily Moher
Ext TestersThanks to all the Visioneers!
InstallerBen Siron

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (196639)