Advertising Blurbs – Nintendo 64:
    Fans of 1997's Extreme-G will notice plenty of improvements right from the get-go. Drivers, who were absent from last year's offering, now stand beside their bikes in the intro sequences. They'll boogie down after trouncing the field or, conversely, kick their own wheels after loosing. Comic touches like these that add a dose of personality to the game.

    Probe widened the tracks, but sharp up-and-downs, ramps and loops should keep your head spinning for quite a while after putting down the Controller. Nifty animations for the mines, missiles and other power-ups add to the drama. For example, a rear-view mirror pops up when you initiate a smoke screen, just so you can see the mayhem you've wrought on your pursuers.

    Probe crafted three variants of each of the dozen tracks, so you'll have to master an impressive 36 tracks in all. Each of the 11 default bikes has different attributes for acceleration, top speed, handling, weapons and shields. Vehicle attributes are graphically displayed in one of the most intuitive interfaces we've seen.

    Borrowing on the look and feel of Acclaim's Forsaken 64, the futuristic action unwinds beneath lurid skies in decrepit landscapes. Drivers roar through tunnels, across azure lagoons and past lush jungles. Probe did an excellent job of eliminating pop-up, although you'll notice dropped frames when there are a lot of bikes and explosions on screen.

    A sultry female announcer tells you when you've grabbed a power-up. You'll want to absorb the throbbing techno score with a stereo system, or at least a pair of headphones.

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Press Release - Nintendo 64:

    Acclaim Ships Futuristic N64 Racer Extreme-G2

    Sequel to the "Fastest Racing Game Ever" Revs into Stores November 17

    Glen Cove, N.Y., November 3, 1998 - Race fans, prepare to start your engines! Acclaim Entertainment (NASDAQ: AKLM), a leading worldwide interactive entertainment company, today announced that Extreme-G2 will ship to stores on November 17. Extreme-G2 is the sequel to last year's hit racing title, Extreme-G, that sold over 700,000 units.

    Developed by Acclaim's Probe Studio, Extreme-G2 puts players in the driver's seat of heavily armed cybercycles and tests their high-speed racing skills in 12 unique environments including underwater caverns, bubbling marshes and extreme cityscapes. While maneuvering the incredible twisting, roller-coaster-like tracks, players make a run for the finish line using a variety of weapons against competitors such as the Rear Firing Rocket or the Homing Missle. Extreme-G2 also features increased acceleration speeds, new characters, hidden secrets and dynamic lighting that illuminates the environment with weapon fire.

    "Extreme-G2 builds on the strengths of its predecessor and offers fans of the genre an incredibly fast-paced, futuristic racing experience that is second to none," says Don Jackson, product manager. "With its intense electronic soundtrack, improved handling, heart-throbbing multiplayer action and incredible graphics, Extreme-G2 is the ultimate in futuristic racing games and a must-have for any gamer's collection."

      In Extreme-G2, players can also:
    • Experience Extreme-G2's improved game engine
    • Race on 36 all new twisting and turning tracks
    • Engage in intense multiplayer action: head-to-head, battle arena, and challenge modes
    • Choose from a greater variety of weapons including the all new Leader Missle and Magnetic Mine
    • Race on 12 futuristic bikes with improved control and handling
    • Check out Extreme-G2's enhanced tracks - these are wider and longer
    • See far in the distance with reduced fogging
    • Engage in multiplayer battle mode and enjoy new arenas and high performance tanks
    • Race against your previous best time using the Ghost Racer feature
    • Plug in the Rumble Rak to get the feel of the road

    Buy Extreme-G2 Online

    Visit the Extreme-G2 website

    Acclaim Entertainment Background Information
    Based in Glen Cove, NY, Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. is a leading worldwide publisher of software for Nintendo, Sony, Sega and personal computer hardware systems. Acclaim also publishes comic books, operates motion capture studios and distributes a variety of entertainment software from other publishers worldwide. Visit Acclaim's Web site at

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Electronic Gaming Monthly:
    Live fast.

    Die Faster.

    Extreme-G 2. Feed the speed freak within. Faster than the original. And ten times more deadly. Over 36 new twisting tracks. An expanded arsenal of vicious weapons. 12 all-new homicidal bikes for the surreal ride of your life. And 2-4 player multiplayer madness. This is pure unadulterated velocity. One false turn and you're toast.

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Unknown Source:
    The fastest racing game has just gotten faster! Extreme-G was the slickest, quickest, most breathtaking racer ever... until now. Take control of the evolution bikes in XG2 with sharper handling, quicker acceleration, new top speeds, and tracks that will leave you gasping.

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