Extreme-G: XG2 Credits


PC ConversionChris Walsh
Nintendo Version TeamAshley Bennett (Lead Programmer), Shawn Hargreaves, Greg Modern, Alex Syrichas
Lead ArtistJohn Taylor
Concept ArtistJeremy Elford
Texture ArtistsBen McGrath, Jon Trafford
3D ArtistsChris Baker, Justin Bravery, Andrew Cambridge, Craig Gabell, Jason Green
Character ModellerMatt Ceoling
ArtistsGuy Mills, Rachel Segens
AnimatorsWill Drbyden, Pierson Lippard
Game MappersAlec Prenter, Richard Stone
Logo DesignAndrew Jones
Original Music CompositionSimon Robertson, Stephen Root
Music Conversion / Sound EffectsAndrew Brock
Voice TalentStephanie Maio (as Rhubarb)
Additional Voice TalentLani Minella (for Pro-Motion Productions)
UK ProducerKevin Watts
US ProducerJames Daly
US Associate ProducerPeter Wanat
Executive ProducersDarren Anderson, Joe Bonar
UK Product DevelopmentMark Fisher, Robert O'Farrell, Andy Squirrell, Steve Wilding
UK QAAndrew Aish, Geoffrey Cullen, Liam De'ath, Katie Mitchell, Stuart Ryall
US QAJames Ackermann, Orland Apiado, Jerry Bazigos, Matthew Canonico, Carol Caracciolo, Daren Chencinski, James Craddock, Bill Handworth, Christine Jean, Ted Kaplan, Randy Lemoine, Bonchi Martinez, Jaret Michaels, Mike Patterson, Kevin Pritchard, Jeff Rosa, Dale Taylor, David Wolowitz
Special ThanksDaniel Hoppe (designer of Wasp), Gary Liddon (PC Technical Help), Bill Porter (designer of Venom), Phil Yard (Additional PC Technical Support)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Accatone (5178)